League of Legends – Two Best Mid Champions To Use In January

Due to your easy access to every other area of the map and your ability to deal a ton of damage, mid lane is one of the easiest roles to play in League of Legends. Champions that succeed at it are essential. Great mid laners can roam to other lanes while maintaining good pressure on their own mid lane opponent.

This list of elite champions is subject to change depending on a variety of factors. Sometimes the meta changes for no obvious reason other than player preferences, although most of the time the change is the result of a balance change. Let us do it for you as keeping up with the flavor-of-the-month champions can be challenging.


Malzahar is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a powerful scaling mage who excels at neutralizing potentially threatening foes. His ultimate makes it simple to threaten soft targets while also greatly assisting your squad with his other abilities.

Your objective with Malzahar will be to harm adversaries magically. You will use abilities to do damage to several targets or will only concentrate on one opponent, depending on the circumstances you will be in. In either case, Summon Aery is the finest major rune option because it ups your ability to deliver damage to opponents.

Later on, you ought to come across runes that address some of Malzahar’s flaws, such as extended cooldowns or insufficient mana. The former will benefit from Transcendence, while the latter will be improved by Manaflow Band. Choose Scorch in addition to them to harm adversaries even more.

It is advisable to choose Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight for the second tree in order to save some gold early on and to have shorter cooldowns for items and Summoner’s Spells throughout the game.


One of League’s top scaling mages is Kassadin. Players in the late game can quickly and easily destroy foes’ health bars with his kit. Since nobody wants to see it get to level 16 on the other team, enemy squads frequently target Kassadin in the early going to stop him.

Going in with his ultimate, activating the rest of his abilities, taking a step back, and repeating the process over and over are key components of Kassadin’s gameplay. Therefore, Electrocute is the greatest major rune for Kassadin since it enables him to deliver extra adaptive damage after striking a champion three times with different attacks or abilities. You can optimize your all-in potential once you have that under your belt.

Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter are additional runes from the Domination tree that Kassadin should consider selecting. The former ups Kassadin’s damage output following the usage of his ultimate, which is the fundamental component of his kit. When it comes to maximizing Kassadin’s scaling potential, the other two runes are beneficial.

Your finest choices among the filler runes would be Legend: Tenacity and Presence of Mind. You will have more early mana and the tenacity to get through the teamfights more quickly after you have those two under your belt.

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