League of Legends – Top 5 URF Champions To Play With

#LeagueofLegends is full of different champions, so the choice can be difficult when you find yourself in front of dozens of small avatars. To make your selection easier, we present you with the URF (ultra-rapid-fire) category, which many players describe as the most fun to play.

Below are the top 5 champions of this category, and in case you haven’t checked any of them, you certainly won’t regret it if you do it in your next game.

1.      Ziggs

With his Bouncing Bomb (Q) and Hexplosive Minefield (E), Ziggs offers a lot of harassment. Normally, spamming his abilities uses him a lot of mana, however with URF, this is not a problem. You are easily able to plant minefields and lob bombs.

The great part about Ziggs is that you can swiftly take down turrets if you can go ahead in the lane and poke down your adversaries. Although playing Ziggs in URF is a lot of fun, laning versus him is brutal.

2.      Sivir

Sivir can rule the lane in URF, making her difficult to compete against. You can continuously use her Spell Shield (E) for defense because to her low ability cooldowns. Her Boomerang Blade (Q) is amazing for clearing and poking waves, and her Ricochet (W) feels endless.

Sivir is a pleasant champion in URF since you can use your shield to deflect the majority of assaults and your damage output is consistently consistent.

3.      Hecarim

One of the most entertaining champions to play in URF is Hecarim, especially if you enjoy jumping in and making plays. Although he is often S-tier on the Rift, his threat level in URF increases due to the short ability cooldowns.

When used in conjunction with Manamune, Mercury’s Treads, and Eclipse, it is simple to pursue adversaries with Devastating Charge (E), and being able to repeatedly use Rampage (Q) almost feels unfair. In URF, hecarim is nothing but destructive fun.

4.      Taric

If Taric successfully uses his Dazzle ability when equipped with Frostfire Gauntlet, Mercury’s Treads, and Winter’s Approach, he will be intimidating to be around (E).

URF can instantly recast and re-stun the enemy thanks to his haste ability. Your squad can reduce the enemy’s health bar to zero while they are stunned. Even though Taric may not be a champion you naturally favor, he is a blast to play in URF and is incredibly underappreciated.

5.      Blitzcrank

On the Rift, Blitzcrank is generally a very frustrating champion to play against, but this is especially true when he is utilized in URF. Because to the short ability cooldowns, Blitzcrank can perform Rocket Grab (Q) and almost instantly recast it, which is terrifying.

A blast may be had playing Blitzcrank, though, if you can get your hook on the foe. The best aspect is that you don’t have to wait long to attempt again even if you miss your hook, which sadly does happen.

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