League of Legends – Team Liquid Rounding Up The Roster

While many League of Legends fans in North America have praised groups like Evil Geniuses for turning local players into the league’s future superstars, Team Liquid has also contributed significantly to the development of local talent.

Sean #Yeon Sung, an AD carry, and Bill #Eyla Nguyen, a support, both turned in outstanding performances when Team Liquid Academy won the championship during the previous split.

Yeon will now begin for Team Liquid in the LCS, and Eyla will serve as FlyQuest’s starting support in the upcoming split.

With just one month until the inaugural season of the brand-new North American Challengers League, Liquid has officially revealed the members of Team Liquid First. Former Evil Geniuses pipeline players make up the team, which has received positive feedback from the public so far.

The Current Team Liquid

The majority of the roster was assembled by combining members of the Evil Genius Academy team (Srtty) and its prior Proving Grounds squad, the EG Prodigies, which included Aspect and Miya. This mid-AD carry combination, who together spent the bulk of 2022 playing for Evil Geniuses, will now experience second-tier NA League competition for the first time next split.

Srtty has been a fixture in the League’s formerly dubbed “Academy” level and has played on EG rosters alongside Danny and Jojopyun. Although having a top lane player with years of experience in these systems is crucial, the word “veteran” isn’t typically associated with such a nascent stage of professional League.

Surprisingly, Srtty isn’t the only seasoned player on this group. Rovex is without a doubt the most intriguing addition to this group. The former University of Saint Thomas supporter began playing competitively in 2016 and has since joined Zenith Esports and Taco Gaming, two stalwarts of the amateur sector.

Many supporters have been clamoring for Rovex to advance to competition on the verge of the LCS level.

Technically, Rovex isn’t the only member of the University of Saint Thomas league roster moving over. For a total of four days, SiddyWiddy filled in as a temporary sub for the team. Nevertheless, SiddyWiddy and Rovex have frequently worked together throughout their careers. Along with Rovex, SiddyWiddy played for Taco Gaming and Zenith Esports.

The First Test

It’s safe to say that these two are highly familiar with one another’s playstyles, and it will be intriguing to see if their relationship continues on the Challenger League stage.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about Liquid’s future and their prospects in the Challenger League with Team Liquid First.

More eyes than ever will be on these young athletes and the coaching staff behind them when the NACL takes over the NA weekend time slot for broadcasts.

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