League of Legends – Rekkles’ Road Back Home to Fnatic

We haven’t seen Martin #Rekkles Larssen in the orange and black for what seems like ages, but the 26-year-old is apparently returning to the #LEC as #Fnatics starting AD carry after spending two long years away from home. However, a lot has changed since he left.

Fans of Fnatic have seen a number of players come and go from the squad over the course of the last four splits as the organization tried to find a winning combination for its lineup.

Since the 2018 Summer Split, when they fielded players like top lane superstar Gabril #Bwipo Rau, jungler Mads #Broxah Brock-Pedersen, and mid lane prodigy Rasmus #Caps Winther, Fnatic hasn’t won an LEC championship.

Rekkles was the reliable bottom lane player Fnatic could count on to wipe out rival duos with his brilliant early game laning and beautiful late game teamfighting. However, the skilled star made the shocking choice to leave the club for its steadfast opponent, G2 Esports, following a heartbreaking reverse sweep during the 2020 World Championship against Top Esports.

Here are all of Rekkles’ accomplishments over the course of the last two years without Fnatic before we move ahead to the upcoming year.

2022 Spring – Conquering New Territories

Rekkles proved to the world that he was still among the finest ADCs in the world after arriving in the LFL. According to Oracle’s Elixir, he had the second-highest KDA and the fourth-most kills in the league, which helped the team blast their way to second place with a 12-6 record. But disappointment quickly set in when KC was unable to capture the LFL title.

The European Masters competition immediately came into focus, as the Blue Wall was ready to win their third consecutive championship. The French juggernaut dominated the competition, only losing one game in the group stage, and then fought valiantly to defeat LDLC in the championship match.

Rekkles had excellent stats as usual, racking up an eye-watering 8.0 KDA and ranking third in the competition in terms of kills, according to Oracle’s Elixir. In fact, the top three kill scorers for the competition were all Karmine Corp players.

2022 Summer – The Comeback

Unfortunately, the summer wasn’t as successful for the Blue Wall and Rekkles supporters as the spring. The squad struggled to keep control of the LFL, and at the conclusion of the regular season, Karmine Corp was in sixth place with a middling 6-6 record.

With a first-round exit at the hands of GameWard, the playoffs went about as poorly as they possibly could.

Rekkles started streaming more in the winter after such a disappointing year’s finale, and he even made an appearance on the LEC broadcast team for the Summer Finals. The star still has his sights set on a return to the LEC despite his relative success as a streamer.

At the end of the day, all the fans are eager to see if Fnatic can retrieve its glory in 2023, armed with one of its greatest talents ever.

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