League of Legends – Rekkles Comes Back Home to Fnatic

It’s true what esports media has been reporting – Martin #Rekkles Larsson, a veteran Swedish AD carry hero for Fnatic, has made his formal comeback to the bot lane before the start of the 2023 season after a two-year absence.

Rekkles will reunite with Wunder following their 2021 campaign on G2, joining the duo of top laner Martin #Wunder Hansen, jungler Iván #Razork Martn, and mid laner Marek #Humanoid Brázda who were all retained from last year.

Portuguese support player Rben #rhuckz Barbosa, who was just promoted from the Fnatic TQ academy team, completes the starting lineup. Every action is still subject to Riot approval.

Big Changes for Fnatic

Aleksi #Hiiva Kaikkonen, a former Misfits tactical coach, and Gonçalo #Crusher Brando, a former Fnatic TQ academy coach, have both been appointed to the main roster, which is a huge addition to the squad considering these two are very good friends and will increase the team chemistry through the roof.

Rekkles returns to the Fnatic squad he previously played for for eight years, including a five-year run from 2015 to 2020, with the move. He received a number of MVP awards, was named to multiple All-Pro Teams, won four EU LCS championships, and competed in six separate World Championships during that time. He might theoretically aim to win his maiden LEC championship as early as the 2023 Spring Split.

He competed with G2 in 2021 during his two-year break before shocking nearly every pro League fan in 2022 by joining Karmine Corp to play in the LFL. Rekkles and KC ended up winning the European Masters competition despite not receiving an LFL trophy.

The return of Rekkles, according to Fnatic’s official roster announcement, provides them their best opportunity to prevail. His personal aspirations coincide with what Fnatic is hoping to accomplish in 2023. “He joined the team with a reinvigorated desire and hunger for the game,” the team added.

Even before the 2023 season officially begins, fans will be able to watch this team in action. On Friday, December 16, at 12:30 CT, a pre-LEC showmatch between the new Fnatic team and KOI will get underway. On caster Marc “Caedrel” Lamont’s Twitch account, you may watch the match.

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