League of Legends – LCK Spring Split 2023 Teams Analysis

The League of Legends Championship Series is expected to have an explosive start that will have fans glued to their screens after one of the busiest offseasons in recent memory for the game. The level of the #LCK competition will increase compared to previous year with the return of some of the greatest individual Korean talents from abroad.

In addition, certain LCK teams have chosen to invest in rookies and young players, which suggests that we could witness the emergence of new superstars. We’ve put together a list to rank every player this season so you can catch up on the roster changes as well as the strengths of all the clubs. In preparation for the 2022 Spring Split, here are our LCK Power Rankings.

The Redemption Seekers

The greatest companies have consistently taken the top spots in the standings and the top playoff seeding in the LCK, making it a top-heavy league. The possibility of more teams competing for the championship this year is no exception.

As a result, there is now a gap between them and the league’s bottom half. BRION, Liiv SANDBOX, and Kwandgong Freecs will probably compete for the final berths because none of them are guaranteed to make the playoffs.

Having said that, Kwangdong Freecs have bet on the new players while Liiv SANDBOX and BRION are more dependent on seasoned players who have competed in the LCK for a long. The Freecs might move up a notch and become a playoff contender if head coach cvMax can make things work like he did during the Griffin era.

Teams Lurking The Opportunity

In the LCK 2023 Spring Split, Nongshim RedForce and global champion DRX will be two teams to watch out for. On the one side, there is NS RedForce, which cut its entire 2022 lineup and replaced it with its LCK Challengers League champion academy team.

The players will have the advantage of having already developed solid chemistry with each other and the coaching staff, even though they will be up against considerably superior competition in the main league. Keep an eye on their upward trajectory throughout the year even if they don’t make the playoffs.

While DRX, on the other side, had a busy offseason. Support BeryL is the only surviving member of the Worlds-winning roster and coaching staff that the organization was unable to retain. Having saying that, we could be surprised by the 2023 roster they were able to assemble.

Rascal managed to record the most solo kills (23) and have impressive individual stats despite not playing for a top-tier team last year. Like Kingen or Zeka before him, he might have a year of discovery. DRX have a decent chance of exceeding expectations because they have strong players like mid laner FATE, jungler Croco, and ADC deokdam.

The Favorites

The top three in the LCK remain untouched despite all of the roster changes throughout the break. The top three teams in the area are still T1, DK (formerly known as Dplus Kia), and Gen.G.

However, Gen.G and DK have switched spots in second and third position from the previous year. Ruler, the team’s superstar, left the former, and Peyz, a new academy talent, will have large shoes to fill as the team’s carry. He might emerge as the new star during the season based on his performances on the academy squad last year.

In contrast, Dplus Kia upgraded its “weak links” with Canna and world champion Deft while keeping its top-performing trio of Canyon, ShowMaker, and Kellin. Canna and Deft should be more reliable than Nuguri and Deokdam, even though they aren’t huge gains in terms of raw talent. DK struggled to compete against Gen.G and T1 last season, which were the top two. We anticipate a three-way race for the championship this year.

Last but not least is T1, the only LCK team whose starting lineup will remain unchanged in 2023. If NS RedForce benefits from keeping their players together, then the Worlds finalists, who will remain together for at least another year, can also make a similar case.

The squad was one game away from capturing the long-awaited championship and was consistently among the best in the world; it is difficult to imagine they won’t be at the top this season.

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