League of Legends – Fnatic Decides To Replace Coach

Head coach Jakob #YamatoCannon Mebdi will leave Fnatic in 2023 in search of a new League of Legends team to call home, the company said today. Mebdi spent two unforgettable years with the orange and black.

After a brief spell in Korea as a coach for Sandbox Gaming, the 26-year-old joined the enduring LEC champions at the end of 2020. After his time with Splyce and Team Vitality, he was already a well-known leader in Europe and one of the industry’s most inspirational characters. Additionally, he is renowned for giving inspiring talks before and after games.

What happened?

Fnatic director Javi Zafra remarked, “His enthusiasm and attitude made these previous two years incredibly remarkable.” “This Summer Split is a good example of how his presence on the squad consistently helped us push forward in the face of adversity.”

Even having an experienced lineup that included players like Upset, Humanoid, Razork, Wunder, and Hylissang, Yamato’s stint with Fnatic was full of ups and downs. During his two years with the squad, there were several behind-the-scenes challenges, including a turbulent Worlds run where he had to assist the team in adjusting to the unexpected absence of their top AD carry.

The squad continued to be one of the top three in the league this past summer, but they were once again without a single trophy. Fnatic struggled in the second week of groups at Worlds 2022 and finished with a dismal 2-4 record before starting over for the following year.

Even still, whenever Yamato took the stage to rejoice with his squad or unite them ahead of a crucial game, the crowd was unavoidably energised. He is now available for any team to hire for the upcoming season after putting his love of League esports on full show this season.

Considering his rich coaching experience, he will certainly have more than enough offers that will allow him an entrance to coaching waters. There is no doubt that many teams will want to use his experience to guide their future talents, so it will be very interesting to see where Jakob gets his next coaching job.

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