League of Legends – Favorites Facing Early Winter Split Exit

The 2023 LEC Winter Split is just two weeks in, but teams are already gearing up for the closing week of the season. Due to the league’s new structure, several teams, including two of the biggest League of Legends organizations in #EMEA right now, are just one week away from being removed from championship contention.

#Fnatic and #KOI are on the verge of being eliminated from the region’s future group stage after only six games, as they are one game away from being in ninth and tenth place in the standings.

The Preseason Build Up

Before the season started, many people held Fnatic in high regard as one of the LEC’s top contenders, especially after the club recently acquired legendary European AD carry Martin #Rekkles Larsson. Supporters felt their confidence soar to new heights with the renowned marksman by their side. But thus far, the roster has had trouble producing any reliable outcomes.

According to League analytics aggregator Oracle’s Elixir, Fnatic has struggled to find any success in the early-game portion of their matches, owning the second-lowest average gold difference at 15 minutes in the LEC. The team struggles to generate plays due to a lack of pressure and precise aggression, and as a result, they are unable to complete ganks and dives that would have helped a snowball grow into the mid- to late-game.

In contrast, KOI had a strong start to the season, winning two of their first three matches against Excel Esports and Team BDS in the first week. However, since then, the reigning champions have dropped four straight games and are now facing G2 Esports and Vitality, two of the league’s top teams. The squad hasn’t appeared to be as unified as in previous seasons as a result of the loss of seasoned top laner Odoamne.

More Missing Parts

Their laners haven’t been nearly as dependable either. When it comes to average gold difference at 15 minutes among LEC marksmen, the team’s star AD carry Comp, for instance, hasn’t been as as dominant as fans have previously witnessed.

Instead, he’s been in the center of the pack. He posted a higher kill participation rate and higher damage values, making him the second-best player in his class for that stat last summer, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

The followers of these two prominent teams will be praying that neither Excel Esports nor Astralis can unexpectedly go on a winning streak to rescue their season if they are unable to pick up some victories in the last week.

On Saturday, February 4, the 2023 LEC Winter Split will continue, where you can watch all the action live, support your favorite teams, and pick the most possible outcomes right here.

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