League of Legends – Evil Geniuses Part Ways with 4 Coaches, One of Them Joins Team Heretics

The League of Legends coaching staff of Evil Geniuses has been overhauled, with key members of the team’s LCS foundation, including as on-stage coaches Earl #Rigby Han and Gabriel #Turtle Peixoto, being fired. Sebastian #ZzLegendary Demontigny and Connor #Artemis Doyle are two further coaches who were fired from EG.

In a social media “thank you” post, EG thanked its former League coaches for helping them win EG its first LCS championship. “This past season, you helped us do what many felt was impossible by bringing EG its first LCS championship,” the organization wrote.

Two distinct playoff runs by Evil Geniuses in their historic 2022 campaign resulted in international spots. On their way to a top-four finish at the Mid-Season Invitational, EG won its first domestic championship by finishing first in the LCS during the Spring Split.

After placing third in the Summer Split, EG advanced through the Worlds play-in phase before losing in the group stage.

This statement follows a story from Blix.gg that claimed Team Heretics, the newest member of the LEC, will be coached by EG’s “chief of coaching staff,” Peter Dun, who would be leaving the organization and returning to Europe.

More about Peter Dun

After acquiring Misfits’ franchise, Team Heretics will make its LEC debut the following season. Although the team has not yet made public its LEC-level roster, Dun’s rumored hiring as head coach could indicate that the organization is choosing to create a younger core of players given his track record of creating teams (and young players) from scratch.

The majority of Dun’s career has been spent in Europe, where he has coached the Splyce/MAD Lions team and sent two different cores of players to Worlds. ADC Carzzy and mid laner Humanoid were among the players that Dun scouted and developed for the MAD Lions team in 2020. In 2021, the MAD Lions won back-to-back LEC championships thanks in large part to a group of players that Dun and his coaching team helped develop.

Dun has been essential in helping the North American squad Evil Geniuses improve its players over the past two seasons. The seasoned coach developed young players under his guidance, most notably Danny and Jojopyun, the team’s cornerstones.

This spring, EG earned their first LCS championship in franchise history and made its first appearances at the Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship since joining the LCS.

It’s probable that Dun will return to his on-stage coaching duties with Heretics. He worked as EG’s “chief of coaching staff” for the entirety of 2022, with Han #Rigby Earl and Gabriel #Turtle Peixoto handling on-stage drafting duties.

Given the level of success EG had during the season, the decision to purge and fire key members of the team’s coaching staff should be unexpected. The coaching staff built the foundation for the team’s long-term success in North America, and the team formed a solid core of players (the majority of whom are still under contract going into 2023).

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