League of Legends – Big Roster Updates for Team Dignitas

In the current League of Legends esports winter roster change scenario, there are no mysteries, relegating official roster releases by teams frequently to a ceremonial function. The final LCS team to do so was Dignitas, which today unveiled its 2023 roster.

Armut, a former back-to-back LEC champion top laner, will be playing with Santorin, a former Team Liquid colleague, in the jungle, as well as Jensen, an AD carry, and IgNar, a support.

What Caused The Change?

In the aforementioned roster release video, general manager James Baker declared, “I’m sick of losing. The atmosphere within the organization was not the best, so a radical shift was more than necessary. By bringing in a lot of veterans, they are hoping to compensate for the previous signings of Players with good potential, but a lack of experience.

Dignitas has undoubtedly accomplished a lot of stuff since their comeback to the LCS in 2020. Over an organization that has been the target of many inside jokes for the past few years, signing the kinds of high-profile people it has is a change. Although Huni and River were signed, it was to little help. It spent a lot of money this year to assemble this group.

The sole returning player on this team is Spawn, a native Canadian who was substituted in for Neo halfway through the 2022 Summer Split. Spawn will be playing in the LCS for the first time in his career.

Santorin was not just IgNar’s back in 2020 on the FlyQuest lineup, which made back-to-back finals and performed admirably at Worlds as North America’s second seed, but also Jensen’s colleague in 2021 on Liquid. This squad has a very high ceiling, but it probably needs some time to come together.

Additionally, the tried-and-true pairing of a seasoned support and a rookie AD carry should offer fans of North American talent something to cheer for in Dignitas’ bottom lane. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

On January 26, the 2023 LCS Spring Split is scheduled to start.

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