League of Legends – 100 Thieves Part Ways with Huhi & Ssumday

#Ssumday, a seasoned #LeagueofLegends player and longtime #100Thieves teammate, will begin playing for a new team in 2023 after five years with the same one.

He has formally severed ties with the NA organization along with the Los Angeles team’s mid laner Abbedagge, AD carry FBI, and prominent support #Huhi.

Ssumday’s Situation

Since joining the league in 2018, the 26-year-old top laner has been the center of attention for the 100 Thieves League endeavor. Throughout his tenure with the squad, he was regarded as one of the greatest in his position and contributed to the development of a championship-contending team over numerous years of adjustments and iterations.

He was finally able to win his first LCS title in 2021, solidifying his reputation as one of the top players in league history. But now, as they go out on new journeys with new teams, a new age is beginning for both the Thieves and Ssumday.

On the other hand, FBI, Huhi, and Abbedagge joined in 2021 following a few unimpressive seasons. The team’s European mid laner joined the following summer, while the bot lane duo signed after a breakout season with Golden Guardians the season before.

It was the precise recipe the organization required. They later defeated Liquid in the 2021 LCS Championship with a rout. They blasted their way to success thanks to Abbedagge’s dependability, FBI and Huhi’s return as a top duo, Closer’s explosiveness, and Ssumday’s stability.

Since rumors about the org creating a new superteam with Doublelift, Bjergsen, and Closer started to circulate, the Thieves are now well-positioned to keep their position as a top team.

Huhi Signing with Golden Guardians

Following two fruitful years with 100 Thieves, Choi #huhi Jae-hyun is joining Golden Guardians as the team’s new starting support, the organization announced today. In addition, this will be his second appearance for the team over his lengthy LCS career.

With North American veterans like Kevin #Hauntzer Yarnell, Juan Arturo #Contractz Garcia, and Henrik #Froggen Hansen as teammates, the 27-year-old struggled when he initially role-swapped from the mid lane to the support in 2020 while playing with Golden Guardians. The squad was unable to develop significant chemistry because the team was still experimenting with different personnel at the time.

However, the team saw unexpected success during the 2020 Summer Split with to a new player core that included Huhi, jungler Can #Closer elik, and AD carry Victor #FBI Huang. They were eliminated from the playoffs despite having a decent 9-9 record, however 100 Thieves eventually snatched them up the next offseason.

Huhi and FBI soon rose to the top of the league’s most dreaded bottom lanes thanks to 100 Thieves. With the addition of Closer, Ssumday, and Abbedagge to the squad, the team became a top-three competitor in the league. And 100T at last won its first LCS trophy at the 2021 LCS Championship.

Due to his knowledge and mechanical prowess, Huhi became the first player to win an LCS title at two separate positions. He also demonstrated his ability to play at a high level consistently. Despite frequently being considered as a threat to the championship by both fans and commentators, 100T failed to win any championships this year, after which the team decided to make significant adjustments in its League division as a result.

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