League of Legends – 100 Thieves Make Their LCS Comeback

Following a thrilling match to begin the 2023 LCS Spring Split, Doublelift finally made his long-awaited professional debut with #100Thieves — but he immediately ran into NA’s current champions. His first test took place against #Cloud9, and the #LCS powerhouses proved why they are regarded as one of the most frightening teams in the area.

Even after returning after a two-year absence from the professional scene, the seasoned marksman had a lot of pressure on him because of his enviable legacy as a multi-championship LCS icon.

The Thieves Are Back

The 29-year-old, though, has some rust to shake off after only recording one kill and two assists to go along with his five deaths.

His novice assistance Busio was also under a lot of pressure as he made his debut, especially after using a specific Azir support build to counter the Thieves’ Heimerdinger selection. Even while his bot lane companion could farm reasonably well, his influence was reduced as the game progressed. Alongside the rest of C9’s composition, Zven’s Heimerdinger possessed a ton of crowd control and damage.

Even Tenacity’s debut was marred by the 19-year-old being solo killed by Fudge, who ultimately won with his outstanding K’Sante skill. He was the key player on his team and the reason why his squad won many teamfights.

It was a terrible and bloody manner to welcome one of the greatest players in the history of the area.

However, no one ever claimed that this comeback would be simple given how many LCS teams strengthened their rosters throughout the winter. The ADC GOAT still has a lot of work ahead of him because newbies are eager for success.

The Next Challenge

Considering the quality of this year’s competition, the organization will have a very hard task in trying to rise to the very top of professional League of Legends. It will probably take some time until all of the team’s cylinders are clicking, but nevertheless, the potential for big results is there.

The next big test for Doublelift and the rest of 100 Thieves will be in the second match of the 2023 LCS Spring Split against Immortals.

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