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Irelia the best moments League of Legends best combo

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As still as the sea, as fierce as a hurricane. Irelia is a fierce defender of Ionia who has been taught the ancient dances of her people and molded them into her very own art of war. With graceful movements, the Blade Dancer levitates a series of deadly blades, striking down any fool who tries to be a conqueror.


When Irelia hits enemies with abilities, she receives increases to Ionic Zeal for a few seconds. Each boost adds magic damage to her normal attacks, which is further increased against shields. When she reaches the maximum number of boosts, Irelia also gains attack speed.


Irelia leaps to a target, dealing normal damage (this damage is increased against minions and monsters), dealing hit effects, and healing for a small amount.

If the target was marked or dies from Storming Blade, the ability’s cooldown is reset.


Initial Activation: Irelia charges her blades and can no longer move or attack, but benefits from significant damage reduction for a short time. This channeling cannot be interrupted.

Second Activation: Irelia flings her blades forward, dealing normal damage and slowing enemies for a short time. The longer Irelia channels, the more damage is dealt.


Irelia sends one blade to a target location and can then cast Flawless Duet again to send a second blade to another target location. The blades then fly toward each other, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies hit by the crossfire. In addition, Flawless Duet marks champions and large monsters for a few seconds.


Irelia unleashes the full power of her blades in a straight line. When A Blade’s Length Ahead hits an enemy champion, the blades fan outward, dealing damage, marking enemy champions as well as large monsters, and creating a barrier that lasts for a few seconds. This wall of blades deals magical damage and significantly slows down enemies that move through the wall. They are also disarmed for a few seconds and can’t use normal attacks.


With Irelia, you’ll dance across the battlefield in a whirlwind of death and destruction, leaping from enemy to enemy in your destructive choreography. Use Flawless Duet to initiate fights, and strike from unexpected angles to leave your opponents marked and stunned. Charge into battle as your Ionian Zeal rises, gliding your Storming Blade from one mark to the next in fluid motion.

If enemies should group against you, you can scatter them with A Blade’s Length Ahead. Keep an enemy trapped inside your Blade Wall while you pounce on the other targets marked by the Fanned Blades. Should you need a breather in the midst of battle, you can use Dancing Resistance to absorb most of your opponents’ damage. After a dramatic pause, you’ll regain your rhythm with more Storming Blades and be able to dash nimbly through all those who are still standing.


Flawless Duet is as versatile as you are. Not only can you reliably mark enemies with the ability, but thanks to the stun, you can also start fights or retreat undisturbed. Surprise your opponents by varying both the attack angle and the distance between the two blades each time.

If you need to immobilize an opponent for a longer period of time, you can quickly double activate Dancing Resistance to forgo damage reduction and instantly slow your opponent. This allows you to stop fleeing enemies or guarantee a hit with Flawless Duet.

One Blade Length Ahead has two main functions: You can separate important targets from the group or create markers for Storming Blade. Masterful Blade Dancers force enemy shooters to either stand still or be disarmed while they are already preparing their next jump sequence. Always strike fast and hard instead of getting caught up in long duels. Keep attacking and retreating, winning battles with your high agility.

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