League of Legends – How To Solo Carry Like A Pro

Despite solo carrying is a physically demanding and stressful task, anyone can perform solo carry in LoL if they have a solid game strategy, stoic patience, and nearly encyclopedic game knowledge. Other important considerations for solo carrying in League include making a wise champion choice, striking a balance between farming and team-fighting, and maintaining awareness. This makes learning incredibly difficult, and it may take a long time to find your unique solo carrying method.

So, here are some pointers and advice on how to play 1-vs-9 in League of Legends and eventually advance up the ladder.

Champion Selection

In League, choosing a carry champion is essential since the main carry’s kit should be loaded with potent damage output and counterplay abilities like invulnerability and sustain. Additionally, players that are using these very powerful champions should perfect their mechanics since small errors and slip-ups can decide the outcome of a teamfight.

Generally speaking, having a thorough understanding of your champion’s kit, rotations, and limitations gives you the upper hand over the opposing team and leaves them speechless.

Although primary carries are frequently thought of as being marksmen, solo carrying isn’t just for the best marksmen. Furthermore, many of the strongest solo carries are solo laners who can quickly take control of the game if they gain even a slight advantage.

Focus on the main aspects of the game

Heavy money and level dependence are the defining characteristics of carry champions, in addition to their high damage ability and outplay potential. Although it may be alluring to engage in endless combat over pressure and objectives, farming frequently and growing your lead is significantly more crucial than nonstop, pointless combat.

Therefore, maintaining an edge over the competition not only helps you maintain that well-earned lead, but it also greatly improves your chances of success.

Once you’re fed, farming, which appears tedious and time-consuming, typically takes up to a minute. Although farming is rather fast, the solo carry should be very aware of timers and opponent rotations even when winning.

Choose your fights and stay alive at all costs

A game can be lost by recklessly storming into a team fight while arrogantly dismissing both teammates’ pings and warning flags. Therefore, as a single carry, your main objectives should be a quick evaluation of the battlefield and a respond promptly to either strike the enemy or retreat without turning around.

If you die while attempting to solo carry, you will be intentionally reducing your chances of winning the game by giving the opposing team time to recover and breathing room.

Therefore, think again about the worth of an objective before engaging in combat, count the opponent forces, and plan your next move.

The Conclusion

Solo carry is one of the most responsible roles you can take in a League of Legends battle, so all the other teammates are counting on you to do your part the best way you can. Hopefully, some of the tips above will result in you improving your game, and hearing “Victory” at the end of the matches more often.

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