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We offer you a series of tips and tricks to master For Honor, a multiplayer action title with samurai, Vikings and warriors that is now free for PS Plus users.

Honor of Kings is one of the free games on PS4 for PS Plus users this February, and with that action-hungry gamers are eager to enter this immense battlefield. For Honor is not a simple title, and knowing which warriors to choose, how to handle yourself in combat and how to take down enemies is critical to victory.

Thanks to these tips to win in For Honor battles you will no longer have excuses to dominate your combat and proclaim your law of arms. So put on your best warrior outfit and enter the battle with all your fury.

Practice against the bots

If you want to be a great warrior you must master each of the combat techniques, and the best way to do this is to practice. Thus, whenever you have the opportunity, choose to play against bots in the different game modes. You will have the option to choose to play against the machine in each of the multiplayer modes after selecting the type of mode.

Learn about all character classes

In the title we have 12 character classes and each one fights in a different way. Thus, it is essential that from the game menu you read the description of each of these characters and classes, because it will be in this way that you will learn which one will best suit your way of playing. Here there are no better or worse characters, but it will be better or worse for you according to your performance in the fights and what you like to do in them.

Play with all characters

It is not recommended that you only master the techniques and moves of a single class or character. Try to play with each of them, learn their best techniques, and go out to the combat field to practice. It is essential that you know how to control several types of classes because you will need it in the main game story.

Do not leave any equipment pack unopened

You can receive them as rewards for each of the characters, and you can find some useful things. You should be aware that what these packs contain is dependent on the character you have selected before opening them. So it is better to divide the opening of these packs between the different characters.

Choose your preferred game mode

If you choose your preferred game mode, you have preference when it comes to entering multiplayer fights in this mode. We advise you to choose “elimination” as your preferred mode, since you will learn a lot and get good rewards.

Beware of friendly fire

In this title there is friendly fire, that is, you can also hit your allies. While you do not take as much life as when you hit an enemy, you will slow down their movements and you can harm each other in combat. So if you see that you have other allies nearby, don’t make exaggerated movements that can also hit them.

Keep an eye on stamina

Everything you do in a fight will have an impact on the character’s stamina, and if he runs out of stamina his attacks will be much slower and could easily defeat you. Everything you do in combat consumes stamina, but blocking does not. So perfect your blocking to last longer in combat.

Exhaust the assassins

Don’t make the mistake of going all out when facing assassins. These enemies of greater strength and endurance will not hesitate to kill your character with a few hits. It is advisable that you try to weaken them by performing a multitude of blocks, and once their stamina is low and they attack in slow motion, take the opportunity to hit them with all your strength.

Beware of the edges of the stage

These places are extremely dangerous since your character could end up falling. While it is an attractive place to fight and try to finish off your opponent in another way, they can also do the same to you. A good player never takes a fight to these areas, so try to fight the battle in a place where there are no edges where you can fall down for a small mistake.

Counter attacks

It is essential that you know how to counter an attack in order to get out of most fights. To do this you must press the strong attack button at the right time when you are defending yourself. In this way, just after pressing the strong attack button, look at the enemy’s attack indicator to see if it is blinking, and that will be the moment when you can make the counterattack.

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