Honor of Kings Top 3 Warrior characters

Honor of Kings is one of the most successful MOBA’s ever created. Millions of players around the world are enjoying the battle experience through some of the coolest champions ever made.

In some of the previous articles, we have talked about our number one pick when it comes to Honor of Kings’ warrior’s – Arthur. If you want to learn more about him, you can do it right here.

But, today we bring you another set of some of the best assasin heroes, which you can choose alongside other Honor of Kings character classes – Mage, Assasin, Archer, Tank, and Support.


The most notable descendant of the illustrious aristocratic family in Sunset Sea is Charlotte.

The past conflicts between nobles were all won by her expert swordsmanship without any suspense, and she gracefully concluded each one by giving the loser a fiery red rose.

She values the reputation for honor created by her forebears. They have protected their area from the raging waters today by using their remarkable courage and tenacity. They have grown via innumerable complex conflicts between city-states and conflicts with pirates attacking coastal regions. It has been a family tradition for many years.

Charlotte’s abilities:

  • Splash Gradation (passive)
  • Tri-Slash
  • Splash Fount
  • Power Gradation (ulti)

Kuang Tie (Magnus)

The most well-known mercenary in Haidu, Arcana, is Kuang Tie. Everyone comments, “Oh, the fool who challenged the Builders,” when the book Crazed Steel is referenced.

The ruling family erected the mighty metropolis of Arcana south of the enormous Sunset Sea. The tower family, who lay the city’s foundation, was one of them and was referred to as “the City Builders.”

They are well-known experts in mechanical procedures and have mastered the ability to make the city stand tall from generation to generation. This power, according to legend, dates back to extremely ancient times, all the way to the dawn of knowledge and understanding.

  • Iron Will (passive)
  • Broken Blade
  • Charge Assault
  • Supressing Force Field (ulti)


formerly a female soldier who served Arthur but went unnamed. She was assigned to protect a palace in the sea, where she battled numerous demons. A seemingly unbeatable spirit is eventually brought to bear on her, yet her courage never wavered.

The ghost, who was actually the Goddess Athena, was impressed and consented to merge with her, giving her even more power. The female soldier was now known as “Athena,” and she bravely defended herself against the army of demons.

Athena’s abilities

  • Athena’s Wisdom (passive)
  • Book Shield
  • Arcane Sweep
  • Owl’s Gaze (Ulti)

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