Honor of Kings Magic Lady – Luna

Honor of Kings is one of the most successful MOBA’s ever created. Millions of players around the world are enjoying the battle experience through some of the coolest champions ever made.

Today we bring you one of the best mage heroes, which you can choose alongside other Honor of Kings character classes – Assassin, Warrior, Archer, Tank, and Support.

Luna’s Backstory

Across the continents, there are families descended from ancient demons who are more adept at acquiring magic than other people since they have inherited their ancestors’ blood. They also suffer harsh destinies as a result of this power.

Luna was reared as an heiress from a young age because she was born into such a family.

Her family excels at giving weapons supernatural strength. At her coming-of-age ritual, Luna declared moonlight to be her pillar of strength. Since then, she has been referred to as The Moon Blade Princess.

There can only be one descendant in the entire family that can inherit this authority, according the law of her country. The seven siblings of Luna were expected to lead routine lives. But on the full moon night, disaster struck.

Her eldest brother—the person she loved the most—killed her parents, her loved ones, and all of her siblings as the moonlight fell harshly over the earth.

Luna’s Abilites

Moonlight Dance (passive): The adversary will be dashed into by Luna’s first basic attack when she attacks a new target; Luna’s third basic strike will deal an additional 150 (+35% AP + 10 per level) magic damage and label the target as Moonlit Luna, who will speed up her assault by 0.03% for every AP.

Lunar Slash: The adversary is marked as Moonlit as Luna sends a moonlight shock wave in the selected direction, dealing 350/430/510/590/670/750 (+51% AP) magic damage.

Scorching Glow: Luna thrusts her sword into the ground, stuns for 0.5 seconds, does 120/135/150/165/180/195 (+31% AP) spell damage to adjacent opponents, and knocks them back with scorching sword glow. The adversaries’ move speed is decreased by 50% for 2 seconds while also taking 400/470/540/610/680/750 (+80% AP) damage to the shield and marking the pulled enemy as Moonlit.

Crescent Assault (ulti): Luna sprints in the specified direction, dealing 400/525/650 (+60% AP) magic damage to the targeted opponents; if she hits a marked foe, Crescent Assault’s cooldown will be reset.

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