As Mexico Qualifiers Are Approaching, Honor of Kings Breaks Its Prize Pool Record

When Honor of Kings was first released, everybody went crazy about it, as it was one of the best and the coolest MOBA’s created to this day. However, nobody could have predicted that we would get to witness a mobile game rise this high in the esports world and become a true global phenom with its own major tournament.

The Honor of Kings Championship LATAM- Mexico Qualifiers 2022 is the organization’s first-ever international competition. In the chosen territories, including LATAM nations, the game is still in its beta stage. The qualifying winner will be eligible to compete in the World Championship for Honor of Kings in 2022.

Mexico Qualifiers: 12 Teams – 1 Spot

Twelve invited teams from LATAM will compete against one another for a spot in the World Championship.

Beginning on September 27 and lasting until October 2, the Mexico qualifiers for the 2022 Honor of Kings Championship will be a spectacle that celebrates the rise of this game, giving an opportunity to many new players who previously did not have a platform to showcase their skills and talent.

The Honor of Kings LATAM social media accounts made the tournament announcement official, so the only thing left for us to do is summon patience and wait a couple of days until the battles begin.

Who will participate?

The list of teams who were invited has already been released.

Several significant organizations that have already joined Honor of Kings are included on the list, such as Atheris Esports, Team Infinity, Estorm, Timbers Esports, and others. Numerous significant Pokemon UNITE and Wild Rift organizations have already entered the scene.

A qualifier for the South Asia region was just announced by Honor of Kings as well. The game creators are expected to provide more details about the competition soon.

The Prize Pool

When talking about esports competitions, one of the most interesting things is the prize funds, which not only attract talented players and raise the quality of the gameplay but also the reputation of the competition itself.

The 2022 Honor of Kings World Championship will be the biggest Honor of Kings tournament, with a $10,000,000 total prize pool. This amount seems crazy once you remind yourself that we are talking about a mobile game. For getting to this level, Tencent Games deserves nothing less than a ton of respect, considering how competitive the esports world is.

Honour of Kings appears to have a lot in store for the players, with so many events and announcements made even before the global debut.

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