Step by Step guide for beginners


GG.BET, who are based in Cyprus, was developed by sports enthusiasts and professionals with the aim of creating an intuitive and convenient platform for betting on all major esports events in the world.

Although the main focus of GG.BET is on esports betting, they also offer slot machines, insta games and the ability to bet on a variety of sporting events.

Creating an account

Creating an account on GG.BET is very straight forward. However, whilst you can browse the website from most countries, registration is not allowed for a relatively large number of countries compared to other popular betting websites.

It is also worth noting that when opening and funding an account, GG.BET will need to verify your details. This is typically done automatically, but in some cases you may be required to provide information to assist with this verification (such as providing a photographic ID). If this is required, you will be notified by GG.BET.

To register at GG.BET you need to click on the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page. This will the open up the Registration form.

This gives you two registration options: signing up using an existing social network, such as Twitter of Facebook; or by registering for the website by providing a username, email and password. After completing this form you will be sent a confirmation email to confirm your account.

Getting Help

If you happen to have an issue during the sign up process, you can get in touch with GG.BET via online chat, email or telephone. If online chat is currently available, then a “Support 24/7” link should appear down the left hand side of the page. If this is unavailable, or you prefer an alternative method of communication, then their E-mail and telephone details are available at the bottom of every page.

Depositing & Withdrawing Money

Now you have registered, the main GG.BET page will look similar to before, but with your details now in the top right corner.

In order to make a deposit, we need to click the green “DEPOSIT” button at the top right of the page. Doing this will launch the “Cashbox” form, where you can select your deposit method.

GG.BET offers a very large selection of payment methods. These include credit/debit card, Bitcoin, paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller and Entropay. To proceed with a deposit, you need to click on the payment method you wish to use and the page will then ask for the necessary information to make a deposit via that method.

It is worth noting that if you make a deposit via a credit card it can incur fees with your bank, as it may be treated as a cash withdrawal.

Once you have made a deposit that has been credited to your account, you can click on the “Balance” link which will show your balance.

If you have a withdrawable balance, you can withdraw this by clicking on the “Withdraw” link under the “Cashbox” section.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn varies depending on the withdrawal method chosen. You can see this minimum amount by hovering over a withdrawal method.

If you encounter any issues depositing or withdrawing money, or have any questions, then you can easily contact GG.BET to get assistance, as previously discussed.

Betting Basics

When you place a bet, you are provided with the odds to indicate how much will be returned if your bet wins. The odds on GG.BET are given in decimal format. This means you can work out your returns by simply multiplying the decimal odds by your stake (the amount you wish to bet). The higher the decimal odds, the larger your winnings will be.

For example, if you were going to stake £10 on an outcome with odds of 5.5, then the bet would return £55 if your bet won (£45 in winnings along with your original stake of £10).

Many people are used to seeing odds represented as a fractional – for example, odds being shown as 25/1. For fractional odds, if you were to stake £10 at 25/1 you would get a return of £260 should your selection win (£250 winnings and your original £10 stake returned). The fractional odds of 25/1 can be read as “25 to 1” meaning for every £1 you stake, you will win £25. The fractional odds of 25/1 would be represented as 26 as a decimal: this is calculated by dividing 25 by 1 and then adding 1 (adding 1 represents your original stake being returned).

Placing your first bet

The GG.BET website offers a wide selection of esports markets to bet on. The front page shows a list of popular upcoming games as well as a menu down the left which allows you to view available markets for a particular game.

The list of upcoming games shows information in columns. The first column indicates the date and time of the game (or live if the game is currently underway). It then describes the Game & Market (these options are discussed later). It then shows the two teams or players along with their respective odds. The final column shows a number preceded by a +. This number is a link to additional markets for that event, with the number representing the number of available markets to bet on.

There is a game between “Vega Squadron Vs. Team Spirit” which has 61 additional markets. If we click on this number, we will see all available markets. There are lots of available betting opportunities on this game. For now, we simply want to place a bet on the Winner (that is, we are placing a 2-way match winning bet on which player/team we believe will win a the game, as there is no option for a draw).

We believe Vega Squadron are going to win and want to place a £10 bet on this. We can see the odds for Vega Squadron winning are 3.07 (so with a £10 stake, we expect to get a return of £30.70). To place this bet we simply click on the odds and this will be added to our bet slip.

We have added 10 to the stake box in the betting slip and we can see that the total stake and total potential win values at the bottom of the betting slip have updated. If we wished to place this bet, we can simply click the “Place Bet” button which is highlighted in green. You will then be notified if your bet was successfully placed or not (if you do not have sufficient funds, for example, the bet will not be placed).

It is also worth noting that when entering the stake, a drop down box of values comes down. This allows you to select a stake, should you wish, but it is also shows you the maximum bet that can be placed (in this case it is 34.49 meaning you cannot place a stake any higher than this on this particular bet at these odds).

The placement of this bet is called a single bet: your bet will either win or lose based on the outcome of a single bet. However, you are able to place a multiple bet (also known as an accumulator), where you are betting on the outcome of multiple games (or markets within a game).

We have returned to the main page to see a list of upcoming match. Here we have clicked the odds next to TRICKED, Kinguin and Renegades (as we believe each of these will win). You will notice that the betting slip has is now showing “COMBO” rather than “SINGLE”. By entering a stake here you are betting on the result of all three matches, so if you were to lose one or more legs of your bet (i.e. one or more of your choices lost) then you would lose (all parts of your bet must win).

You can have larger multiples, so you can add new selections to your bet slip using the same approach as above. You can also remove selections from the bet slip by clicking the “X” next to a selection.

eSports betting on

We saw a large number of possible markets that we could be on. The available markets available for a game will vary depending on the type of tournament, as well as it’s popularity.


Overall, GG.BET is a very well designed website with a strong focus on esports. The sign up process is straight forward and it is very easy to navigate the various games and explore the available markets. This is made possible due to it’s heavy focus on esports: it does not need to fit a generic betting design which other sites depend upon to allow betting on wide array of events. The downside to this is that it is limited in other forms of betting (e.g. sports), so alternative sites may be more appealing if you want a single site to bet across various events.
The focus on esports means that GG.BET generally covers more esports events than other betting sites, so you may find games available on GG.BET that are unavailable on other sites. The odds they offer are also very competitive, and are often better than competitor websites (i.e. the same bet on GG.BET would win more money than if placed on a different website). In-play betting is also well supported with the availability of live streams and the option of theatre mode which shows a large version of the stream alongside the odds and bet slip.
Unlike some of the larger companies, GG.BET is not available in as many countries. This limits who can register and bet on the website (and may be an issue for regular travellers). It also only provides odds in decimal format, which may be frustrating for users who prefer an alternative format, such as fractional.