John Cena Is Coming To Fortnite, And Everybody Can ‘See’ Him!

Fortnite does a great job of combining popular characters with the gameplay we all love. So far we have had the opportunity to see Storm Troopers, Venom, Harley Quinn and others.

Superstar Lebron James also got a place in Fortnite, which is also the reason why many basketball fans decided to try Fortnite. Hundreds of thousands of NBA fans became Fortnite players overnight – talk about good business decisions!

This time, Epic Games decided on a similar move – the only difference is the world from which the newest character comes. WWE – previously known as the source of the best entertainment in the world, will get its first representative in Fortnite. And of course, who else would it be than their biggest superstar – John Cena.

This week, the news broke out that a new outfit featuring WWE icon John Cena will be available in Fortnite. The 16-times champ wrestler is the first representative of the WWE to appear in the renowned battle royale video game.

The John Cena costume is available in the Fortnite Item Shop. The Five Digit Slapper pickaxe, WWE Title back bling, , the U Can’t C Me gesture, and the Ring Accessories alternate design for John Cena were also included in the bundle by Epic Games in addition to the character skin.

John Cena‘s inclusion in Fortnite is a component of this year’s “Epic SummerSlam”. A ‘U Can’t C Me’ decal that can be applied to players’ cars in Rocket League, another game from Epic Games, will also feature the WWE superstar.

When will the Cena skin for Fortnite be released?

Yesterday, on July 28 at 7 PM CT, Epic Games introduced John Cena to Fortnite’s Item Shop. The price of skin is still to be determined. However, it is guaranteed that the demand will skyrocket due to the Cena’s popularity, despite him steping into his fifth decade. Not many wrestlers have left such a huge mark in the world of WWE, and the numbers still show that.

The HBO Max show’s 10th anniversary saw the addition of Peacemaker, the second John Cena appearance in Fortnite. But this time, John Cena—still sporting his WWE wrestling uniform—will be a part of the battle royale.

In order to promote the game and draw in new users, Fortnite has continually added skins like the John Cena one to the game. LeBron James, a star in the NBA, joined Fortnite last year, as an example. These are fantastic marketing moves made by EpicGames, since they are managing to bring the best of both worlds – sports and esports fans, and give them a unique crossover experience.

Even better, it seems like they are erasing the barrier between the mainstream sports and esports, which is considered to be one of the main long-term goals of the video games industry. So far they are doing great, and judging by how the things have started, more WWE and sports stars will be joining Fortnite in the near future.

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