Is Lady Gaga’s Fortnite Concert Happening?

As you may recall, Fortnite made a massive turn towards the musical aspect of gaming, which seemed to be the right move since the fans more than welcomed their Rift event. Today we are talking about Fortnite and one of its highly popular features – a collaboration with pop-culture celebrities who give the unique enhancement to an already cool event.

Please stick with us to find the link between one of the most famous singers of the modern era and the most popular battle royale on the planet.

Lady Gaga & Fortnite

Global music icon Lady Gaga seemed unsure of what Fortnite was in October 2019.

“What in the world is Fortnite?” Gaga tweeted, drawing a lot of replies.

The well-known Fortnite streamer Ninja requested Gaga to play with him in one of his replies. Gaga replied, “Who are you? “

Considering how the Twitter thread was starting to look, one would predict that Lady Gaga would receive a massive backlash from Fortnite fans and that she would never be one of the stars considered to appear on one of the virtual music events hosted by Fortnite.

However, once the singer learned more about Fortnite, it seemed that she started liking the concept of people joining together through a gaming platform to enjoy the music they all like.

Three years later, Lady Gaga and Fortnite are once again making headlines as fans piece together information indicating that a concert or other type of cooperation is definitely in the pipeline.

Fans have noticed that the Pride event artwork for Fortnite features character instances from the Bad Romance music video by Lady Gaga and that the musician is also featured on the event’s radio station.

Following past emote litigation, Fortnite recently went to great lengths to license its music and choreography. Fans claim that this implies that Gaga is unquestionably involved in some way.

Next, a data mined emote that will be released in the future has been discovered, in which characters perform instruments to the tune of a specifically re-recorded Poker Face the music.

Another somewhat flimsy hint has been offered by fans, such as that the skin for this month’s subscriber-only issue features a character wearing a poker face.

The most significant proof, however, may be found in documents from Epic Games that mention Lady Gaga and several other pop icons and were made public due to legal disputes with Apple.

The Conclusion

This wealth of private information described multiple collaborations in the works. Many planned months or years in advance.

From this, we have learned about J Balvin and Ariana Grande’s upcoming concerts, the latter of which were scheduled more than a year in advance. We also learned about early Fortnite collaboration plans with LeBron James and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which finally came to pass.

Hopefully, the cooperation between Lady Gaga and Fortnite will result in what we expect, because if it does, the show will be guaranted to be nothing less than a spectacle.

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