How to obtain the Fortnite Shadow Tracker

Hello again! As usual, we are trying to present you with the best esports content, and today is no different as we discuss Fortnite weapons and how you can get your hands on some of the hottest pieces in the game. One of them is a great tool to utilize in order to follow your opponent!

Players in Fortnite will come across a variety of higher rarity weapons that are extremely damaging against opponents. Every season begins with a new rotation of weapons, while some well-liked weapons from earlier chapters are frequently unvaulted.

The majority of these weapons can be obtained from supply drops, chests, and ground loot. Similar to that, a few weapons are available for purchase from NPCs located all over the map. To buy weapons from NPCs, you must have Gold Bars. Before buying weapons from Fortnite NPCs, we advise saving up Gold Bars.

Intro to Exotic Weapons

Exotic weapons in Fortnite are highly potent compared to regular rarity weapons and are sold by NPCs. These NPCs can be found at various POIs and unidentified sites all around the area. In Fortnite, there is only one Exotic weapon like the Shadow Tracker Pistol. It has a unique characteristic and uses light ammunition.

The position of enemies you shoot with this weapon will temporarily be made known to your teammates. It is one of the best sidearms in the game as a result, and you can simply get one by buying it from an NPC. So, if you’re looking to purchase the Shadow Tracker in Fortnite Chapter 3, we’ve got you covered.

The Shadow Tracker Location

In Fortnite Chapter 3 of Season 3, the Sunbird NPC is where you may buy the Shadow Tracker. This NPC may be found at the Temple, a mysterious location north of the Lazy Lagoon POI.

Players will require about 400 Gold Bars to buy the Shadow Tracker. By disabling players and opening safes, cash registers, and chests, you can gather these Gold Bars. When you have the necessary sum, go to the Temple landmark and buy it from the NPC there.

The Shadow Tracker is a solid option thanks to its distinctive functionality, especially if you play squad mode. With a few rounds, you can essentially tag enemies and pinpoint their whereabouts for a long time. Lazy Lagoon’s neighboring landmark, The Temple, is a hot-drop destination. Other enemies will likely fly in to this location and interact with the Sunbird NPC.

Before going to the Temple to get this Exotic weapon, we advise players to locate weapons and shields. When opponents are camping and jockeying for positions in the endgame, the Shadow Tracker excels. To gain an advantage in every battle, obtain this weapon early on.

The Conclusion

What makes Fortnite different from other games are all the unique features within the map. They really went above and beyond when it comes to details, and fans are loving it. Hopefully, you will find the way to getting the items you want, either through the game itself, or online esport betting.

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