How To Master Fortnite Sliding & Item Picking Skills

Battle royale games like Fortnite require you to be quick on your feet, constantly correct your errors, and adjust to the game’s unpredictable meta. All of this is largely because Epic updates the game frequently in response to community requests in order to keep it interesting, unique, and thrilling for all players.

The addition of the sliding mechanism is without a doubt the most exciting development that Fortnite has had in recent years. Sliding is a fundamental Fortnite concept that was first introduced in Chapter 3 and always allows potential for outplay and talent expression.

Even for casual players, learning and mastering sliding is a necessary skill for the game, but completionists and collectors may find it useful because Epic added a new quest with Chapter 3, season 3, which rewards 15,000 XP for picking up things while sliding. Although this quest is not now available in Paradise, there is a potential that it will soon be available again.

Fortnite Sliding and Item Picking

It is imperative to go over the fundamentals of sliding before delving into a detailed explanation of how to pick up objects while sliding. Moving in either direction while hitting a pre-designated button—typically the right stick on a console or the CTRL button on a PC—performs the relatively straightforward motion of sliding in Fortnite.

Similar to sliding, picking up items is simple since you only need to go close to them and hit a predetermined button to do so. On a PC, this is typically accomplished by pressing the E key, while on consoles, your key for picking up items is by default on the square.

The combination of these two seemingly simple activities makes them into a mechanically demanding nightmare that can cause many of us to give up before we’ve even given it a fair shot.

The simplest way to pick up objects while sliding is to drop them at a safe distance, slide by hitting the CTRL button or the right stick, then as soon as you’re close to the dropped objects, start pressing the E or square key. Keep in mind that stacking your objects will make it difficult for you to pick them up as soon as necessary. Therefore, it would be preferable to spread them apart along a hypothetical line while still paying attention to your energy bar.

If you want a challenge, you can use the same strategy without first placing anything on the ground.

You should, ideally, try to finish this quest during an early rotation since you’ll have plenty of time to do this flawlessly because it’s nearly impossible to do so in the heat of battle. Additionally, you can do this by picking up one object at a time if picking up all three at once is too taxing for you.

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