Fortnite’s New Skin – Can You Smell, What The Rock, Is Cooking?

Black Adam, featuring Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, is the newest comic book blockbuster from DC. The fact that the avatar will soon appear in Fortnite as part of the game’s upcoming pop culture crossover is not shocking. The Rock has been associated with the Black Adam movie and persona for at least 15 years, so it took a while to get here.

Several personalities, actresses, sports, and singers have made appearances in-game during the past several years in the online battle royale shooter Fortnite, frequently through significant events and upgrades.

Why this colab was no surprise?

One of the strangest video game casts in history, Fortnite has characters including Goku, Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Ariana Grande, and Rick from Rick and Morty. How many video games allow Obi-Wan Kenobi to shoot Ryu from Street Fighter with a sniper weapon he took from Superman’s corpse? And shortly after all these other well-known characters arrive in Fortnite, The Rock’s Black Adam will be flying in to dance and murder.

The renowned and potent DC antihero, Black Adam, will debut in Fortnite on October 20 as part of an earlier today announced collaboration between Epic and DC. The Rock’s portrayal of the superhero in the upcoming movie served as the primary inspiration for the new skin.

It’s interesting to note that you can already play as The Rock in Fortnite as the entertainer previously portrayed The Foundation, the game’s initial character, in the game. He is now one of the select few actors to have numerous appearances in the game. Tom Holland and Zendaya are two more.

When the Black Adam persona debuts the following week, just in time for the movie’s theatrical premiere, players will also be able to purchase some brand-new accessories with Black Adam themes. Black Adam, which has been in production for a very, very long time, will be released in cinemas on October 20—the same day the skin drops.

Why is this such a huge move for Fortnite?

Rock playing Black Adam goes way back to the past, and over time the audience gained the impression that nobody else could pul it of other than him. The Rock’s bond with the character and the overall image build took a very long period to create. The Rock had previously been cast as Black Adam in a still-untitled DC film starring Shazam, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, back in 2007.

A lot transpired over the course of the following 15 years, with the project coming to a halt in 2009 and then picking up again in 2014 with Johnson still on board. Johnson revealed that Shazam and his antagonist Black Adam will appear together onscreen in a future movie, but DC ultimately decided to break off Shazam and his enemy into different projects.

Maybe this decade will see the premiere of that movie! In the meanwhile, you may play Fortnite as Black Adam and create your own sequels featuring Indiana Jones and Bulma. And perhaps with the imminent release of the subsequent Shazam movie, that well-known DC character will at last appear in Fortnite so that he too can be eliminated by Naruto.

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