Fortnite Zero Point Fish & How To Capture It?

To keep its players interested and provide them plenty of chances to earn XP, Fortnite often introduces new challenges to the game. It can be challenging to recall where everything is because Epic Games constantly adds new products.

Fortunately, there are a few various methods you can use to locate the materials you need, like this week’s Zero Point Fish challenge.

You can learn all you need to know about catching or collecting a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite right here.

Where To Look For It?

You can search various locations, such as fishing areas, freezers outside of various petrol stations, and POIs, for the Zero Point Fish. Going through as many freezers and fishing places as you can will be your greatest shot for locating one of the fish because both methods have a random probability of doing so.

Look along the edges of some of the larger bodies of water, such as Loot Lake or the tiny pond behind Logjam Lotus, if you require a fishing pole. If a dock is there, it normally has a barrel on it that is stocked with fishing poles.

You can ultimately catch one of the Zero Point Fish by simply walking around the body of water.

How To Use It?

You can teleport short distances by pressing the jump button twice after eating the fish to gain a little health. It’s entertaining to utilize this teleportation power, and it can be useful for getting closer to adversaries who are firing at you.

It’s not unexpected to see that the fish have been impacted because the Zero Point is currently leaking energy to the Reality Tree.

The Conclusion

At first, Zero Point Fish might not seem like top priority when it comes to quests and features, but it can definitely be a valuable addition to your game if used properly. There are numerous other features you can explore in the Fortnite world, so in case you have already captured the ZP Fish, feel free to experiment and chase the other interesting things hiding on the map.

You never know what kind of surprises EpicGames have prepared for you lurking around the corner.

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