Fortnite Update 3.67 Announced for v21.51 – Here Are The Changes

Update 3.67 for Fortnite has been released by Epic Games, and it contains the significant v21.51 fix! We have collated the datamined content from the data in addition to the gameplay-related adjustments and additional content published in the Fortnite patch notes as of September 7.

Patch notes for Fortnite Update 3.67 | Fortnite v21.51 Patch Notes: Epic Games has not yet made the official Battle Royale patch notes available, but that should change shortly. You can look at the list of datamined content that has been discovered by trustworthy leakers below in the interim.

Husks now have a modifier that lessens the damage they receive from weapons, abilities, and traps thanks to the mysterious energy of Hexylvania that has been re-released! Husks will suffer 50% more damage when they are within two tiles of a Commander or Defender when you combat these newly hardy fiends with a terrifying Short Range modifier. When killed up close, Hexylvanian Husks can occasionally drop healing potions, which can provide you a brief Health boost in the middle of a battle.

Although Hexylvanian Husks can be frightening, once you’ve stopped their pranks, there are lots of rewards to be had!

The Return Of Dire’s Wolfy Business Questline

Observed a Super Blood Moon before? A werewolf cannot withstand! By adding the terrifying Dire to your team, you can assist Director Riggs in finding the location of their annual “Packstravaganza.” As a Commander, Dire additionally benefits from reduced ability energy costs, extra movement speed during the twilight and night, and the distinctly nocturnal perk Night Stalker.

Watch Your Step For The Dungeons Are Back

Without some degree of risk, there is no profit! Underneath Homebase, the dungeons have reopened, and it’s time to once more confront the traps and tricks around every turn. As you make your way through five distinct dungeons, find Magical Keys, gather gold coins, and fend against monsters while enlisting the aid of weapons and heroes!

Explore the enigmatic Crypts to access the scorching Inferno and the cryptic Lab dungeons. By overcoming the Inferno, one can get entry to the marshy Grotto and the last Dungeon, the Labyrinth.

Benefit of Swamp Knight As a Commander, Unearthly Treat summons a Phantasm to target nearby enemies when you take damage and enhances your damage against Mist Monsters based on your lost Health. Mermonster Ken makes a debut on land and uses his From The Depths perk to increase melee damage dependent on how much health you’re missing while summoning a Phantasm when you deal heavy melee damage!

The key to winning against Mermonster Ken and Swamp Knight is to inflict as much pain as you get.

Missions in The Lab must be completed to unleash the evil Chaos Agent, a Soldier Hero with a secret move. Any ability performed when equipped with Quick Fingers will also reload your weapon! Additionally, Quick Fingers, the Commander, has the ability to unleash a Phantasm.

Complete dungeons to gain access to a loading screen, candy for llamas and loot, these nightmare heroes, and more.

For The End, Enough Halloween, Let’s Get Creative With Fortnitemares Llamas

This eerie Llama is stuffed to the gills with cosplayed survivors, ghostly weaponry like the Night Owl, and haunted heroes like Kyle the 13th. During the Hexslyvania Venture season, quests can be completed to gain candy, which can then be swapped for these sporadic Fortnitemares Llamas.

But those aren’t the only treats! Make it rain pumpkins with the Jack-O-Launcher by placing three Legendary Fortnitemares Survivors into the Collection Book as a prize. Additionally, keep an eye out every week for popular seasonal items like Ragnarok, Plague Doctor Igor, and the Black Blade in the Event Store.

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