Fortnite introduces its first trans character

To start off this year's Rainbow Royale LGBTQ+ pride celebration, Fortnite is adding DC heroine Dreamer as its first trans character.

As part of its Pride celebrations, Fortnite will include the transgender DC superhero Dreamer as a playable character in September.

This is the first trans character that Fortnite has added to its cast, and she will lead the Rainbow Royale celebration of LGBTQ+ identities in the game. The drag queen-inspired death drop technique, a new lobby song called “Say It Proudly,” and a bright, cheerful loading screen will all be introduced to the Rainbow Royale event, which will run until September.

The powerful superhero Dreamer/Nia Nal, who is a member of the Arrowverse, debuted in 2018 and possesses precognition, dream wandering, and astral projection skills.

How it all started

The transgender rights activist and actor Nicole Maines' portrayal of the character in The CW's Supergirl is the inspiration for the Fortnite Dreamer skin. Later in September, Maines will engage with fans while streaming herself as the character to commemorate the launch.

Together with Tom Taylor, who writes the series, she also co-wrote Superman: Son of Kal-El #13, which was the first time Dreamer appeared in the main DC Comics timeline. In the comic, Dreamer fought alongside Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent's son, who had made the decision to don his father's cape and protect Metropolis from any potential threats.

This is not the first time Fortnite has utilized its wide audience to draw attention to significant social issues. The Rainbow Royale of last year brought vibrant cosmetics and LGBTQ artists' music to Fortnite's in-game radio stations.

In August 2021, the well-liked battle royale game also held a Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial event where players could view some of the activist's most well-known speeches and discover more about the civil rights movement. The interactive event was met with mixed reviews, and its creator Epic Games came under fire for failing to disable the whip-crack emote for the length of the activity.

As part of its seasonal cosmetic packs, the popular battle royale periodically receives new skins and emotes added, and it has included numerous characters from a variety of popular media. Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus from Dragon Ball Z most recently made an appearance in the game, which resulted in numerous funny videos of the characters dancing becoming viral on social media.

Numerous in-game concerts with performers like Ariana Grande, Marshmello, and Travis Scott have taken place in Fortnite. Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball may be the next pop icon to perform on the Fortnite stage, according to recent rumours, although neither the celebrity nor Epic Games have confirmed the rumors.

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