Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2022 event only two weeks away

Every year during the Fortnitemares event, Epic Games releases some of their deadliest surprises. The Halloween-themed event will start on October 18 and probably go until at least October 31.

Ahead of the Fortnitemares update, big modifications to the island and the addition of new eerie skins to the Item Shop are expected in the upcoming weeks.

With a video that appeared to depict some sort of metal wolf that will probably be present during this event, Fortnite announced the commencement date on its official Twitter account.

The statement from Epic Games doesn’t provide much information about what to anticipate, although it does mention “screams, awful dreams, and all monstrous things.” The Fortnitemares of this year seem to be one to remember.

What is to be expected?

Data miners on Twitter have indicated recently that a new mini-boss would be visiting the island as part of the occasion. New eerie skins that Epic and the community have been developing will also be available. Due to a contest that allowed fans to submit ideas at the beginning of the year, we are already familiar with a couple of Halloween skins.

One of the skins looks like a fallen angel type with a large scythe and chains. The other skin has a hand for a head and also comes with a giant scythe. Both should be released as part of the Fortnitemares update on Oct. 18. They could also be added on Oct. 4’s update, ahead of the event, but they’ll definitely be in the game by the time Fortnitemares starts.

As we get closer to this event, we’ll likely learn more about the frights and scares coming as part of this year’s event.

Will there be Zombies?

Data miner and multimedia producer HYPEX speculates that the jumpscare zombies from previous seasons may be making a comeback in Fortnite. That might not surprise you, but a different new aspect of the game might. In the upcoming weeks, it seems possible that Zombie Chickens will start prowling the landscape.

The chickens have previously undergone recent tweaking by Epic Games to occasionally make them more hostile. Perhaps the aggressive behavior mod was applied by Epic Games to prepare for the impending invasion of brain-hungry birds. We don’t yet know how the upgraded versions of the jumpscare zombie and the zombie chicken will look; their textures will probably be introduced in the update, according to HYPEX.

Players are excited for any new information on this year’s Fortnitemares event because there haven’t been many leaks. Players are also aware that Fortnite will launch the two skins mentioned above later this month in addition to the zombies.

There are now a lot of speculations and demands floating around, with some fans asking for collaborations from everyone, such as Michael Myers and Ghostface. We’ll probably find out more information about the next Fortnitemares event in the next two weeks, but the hype is strong.

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