Fortnite Brings Surprises For The Players – Fortnitemares Skins & Defy City

Fortnite began as a tower defense and battle royale game, but it swiftly developed into a platform that lets developers all around the world make their own games and universes.

Teams like Atlas Creative have had the opportunity to collaborate with companies inside Fortnite Creative to develop some incredible new environments. The most recent is called Defy City and it's from the computer company Alienware.

Defy City Explained

A press statement states that Defy City will be accessible starting on October 15th, when gamers may log in and take advantage of many of the city's surprises. Games that allow players to face off against one other in this new metropolis include Low-Gravity One Shot Sniper, Parkour, Free-for-all, and Laser Tag.

Following the start of the event, Alienware will welcome Team Liquid, a rival team that will be broadcasting from the new location. On Nov. 7, the level will also be available in Fortnite's Epic's Picks area of the game selection.

Six “episodes” including new challenges for Defy City and improvements to the map design will be released in the months after release and up until April 2023.

Players may gain exclusive insight into the Aurora 15, a brand-new tower that Alienware claims is eagerly awaited, for those who are interested in the company's next goods. There will also be hidden easter eggs on the map, however it's not yet known what they could be.

How to claim your entry to the map?

The way to enter is rather simple – players can access the map by entering the Island Code: 4073-6205-5754.

This is only the most recent in a line of distinctive brand designs from Atlas Creative, a group established to to develop new Fortnite environments, which will probably lead to many more successful collaborations.

Fortnitemares Skins Update

Sinister Stare and Undying Sorrow will be available in the Item Shop from October 15th at 7 PM CT, according to a blog post on the Epic Games website.

The humanoid known as Sinister Glare has a gigantic hand for a head, a crystal pickaxe, and back jewelry that resembles multiple fingers surrounding an eye. With a scythe pickaxe and back bling for angel wings, Undying Sorrow has the appearance of a fallen angel.

“I'm not sure I can adequately express the feeling. It's amazing,” Dreo exclaimed. Kitsu stated, “It's such a fantastic feeling, I simply adore sharing my ideas with the world.” Kitsu has already had several concepts appear in Fortnite.

Dreo had limited time to concentrate on his idea because he was a busy construction worker for the majority of the day.

“Day after day, during my ten-minute lunch breaks, I devised Glare.” Additionally, they claimed that they continued to work on the idea during any downtime he had.

A purported loading screen from the collaboration was posted by some data miners when the release date for the skins was revealed. The zombie chickens that were previously discovered in the files seem to be represented in the image. In the Fortnitemares event, chickens will likely appear and attack in a manner akin to the jump-scare zombies.

These skins' release ahead of the actual Fortnitemares event probably suggests that there will be even more brand-new spooky skins in the game files when the next update arrives on October 18.

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