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Fortnite – BEST SPAWN FOR EPIC & LEGENDARY LOOT! Solo, Duo Or Teams!

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Fortnite guide: the best tricks, secrets and strategies to get better.

Configure the controls

It’s not that the control scheme that comes by default in Fortnite Battle Royale is bad, there are simply several of them and you have to look for the one that best suits your play style. Since building structures is still something very important here, especially when there are very few players left and the storm is already in its final stages, but also to create good cover or ramps to attack aggressively, the ideal is to choose a control scheme that allows you to build quickly and easily.

That is to say: no need to use a button to go from left to right in the ingame construction menu to select one and then build, but that each of these structures is assigned to a specific button on the controller. So, with a couple of keystrokes, you’ll be creating walls, roofs and ramps at lightning speed.

Jump into an area full of players

Just the opposite of what we recommend to beginners: if you’ve already spent a few hours playing Fortnite, it’s time to launch yourself from the bus to an area of the map where you know more players are going to fall.

It may seem crazy, but if you already know the map, and especially the locations where the chests can appear, launching yourself towards a crowded area will allow you to make your first kills within seconds or minutes of landing.

When you are just starting and you are lost, landing in one of these high density areas, such as Pisos Picados (or any other that is very close to the route traced by the bus in each game), is not the best idea because experienced players will get shields and weapons in a few seconds and if they find you they will slaughter you. On the other hand, if you already know where to look, you can be the one to score one or two casualties right at the start of the game thanks to the beginners who have decided to take the risk. Or other players who may simply have been less lucky.

Enter buildings through the roof

Here you don’t need to be as polite as entering through the door in houses and blocks of apartments: it’s best to always enter through the roof. If you just jumped off the bus, it’s easy, just glide up to the building you want and start poking the roof to open a hole. In the upper area of the houses and blocks there are always objects and ammunition. From there, if there are no noises on the lower floors, you can go down and loot rooms.

In case you reach a building at street level, the best tactic is still this. You can enter through the door, of course, but if there is an enemy on the upper floor he will have an advantage. So, the trick is to build yourself a nice ramp next to the house and reach the roof and then go down from there.

Get the best weapons

When we talk about getting the best weapons, it doesn’t just mean that you go for the rarest ones, but also the ones that best suit your gameplay. That is to say: if you’re not good with weapons that fire bullets one at a time, like pistols, you’ll probably get more out of a rare (green) assault rifle than a blue (rare) pistol.

Carry two identical weapons side by side.

This point is somewhat related to the previous one. Actually, why would you want two identical weapons if they share the total ammunition you have collected? Well, for a very simple reason: it is faster to switch weapons than to reload.

In ranged combat this won’t affect you too much, but if you are face to face with an enemy and empty the magazine of your preferred weapon, it will take you less time to switch to the one next to you than to reload. Of course, this works with any weapon without the need for them to be the same, the thing is that each one behaves differently and, if they are the same, you will not notice any difference when switching.

Look for shields as soon as possible

The weapons thing is all well and good, but if there is something as important as not going around unarmed, it’s going around with shields. Check every house from top to bottom and every area in search of elixirs that will give you that extra protection. Your initial health bar is 100 points, and with a couple of big elixirs you can gain 100 points more thanks to the shield.

In fact, if you ever have to choose between taking a large elixir or a first aid kit, the first choice should always be the elixir. If you keep your shields up, your health will not drop unless you get caught in the storm, as the storm affects health regardless of whether you have shields or not.

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