Eminem and Dragon Ball Z skins are coming to Fortnite

Although we are in the business of esports betting, there was no way we could have predicted the scenario in which Eminem and Dragon Ball Z skins would be released within a short period.

The Fortnite fandom is likely to get the legendary characters Vegeta, Goku, Beersy, and a fourth, nameless skin that will probably be a female. Given that they are all well-known characters from the franchise, some have hypothesized that this unknown skin might be “Android 18, “Android 21”, or potentially “Bulma”.

After joining forces and creating the Fortnite skin featuring WWE superstar John Cena, it seems that Epic Games went one step further and decided not just to reach the top, but to go further. Adding Eminem to the list of superstars in Fortnite’s skin roster will be undeniably one of the best business moves in their history if rumors happen to be true.

Since there was no official confirmation by each of the parties, let’s look at some of the hints that indicate Eminem could find himself performing at the “Rift” very soon.

Eminem Radio Loop

Fortnite is without a doubt the king of pop-culture crossovers, incorporating everything from iconic movie figures to the latest musicians. Before revealing a collaboration, Epic Games will usually tease with partial details and let the fans make their guesses.

Many people were shocked to learn that Epic had changed the Icon radio station in Battle Royale to only play Eminem songs.

The Icon radio station is designed to highlight significant Fortnite artists, such as those who already have skins or in other ways have influenced the game. It’s almost certainly not an accident that Eminem songs are playing back-to-back on repeat.

Even if it’s just conjecture at this point, Slim Shady’s newfound popularity might be a sign that something big is about to happen in the game.

When Epic devoted the station to a particular artist in the past, it was typically to promote a new collaboration or the launch of new cosmetics in the Item Shop, like Silk Sonic and Bruno Mars. All of their tracks, including some brand-new ones, were then played on the game’s radio station when they got skins from the Item Shop.

Eminem to join in some way

Even while all of this is merely conjecture based on a peculiar Fortnite occurrence, it may indicate that Eminem will be joining the game in some way. Nobody is certain yet if this is a whole cosmetic set or a music pack similar to the one the Notorious B.I.G. received. The rapper’s singles are being heavily promoted by Epic, and it’s probably for a good cause, that much is certain.

Eminem’s involvement with the Fortnite universe will undoubtedly have a massive impact, regardless of its form. If this move is to be true, it would show once again that Epic Games really knows how to make its players happy, considering that Slim Shady has millions of fans within the Fortnite army.

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