Sportsperson of the year from the eSports sector?

Will the next sportsperson of the year or team of the year come from eSports? This is certainly unthinkable in Germany, but quite possible in the UK. The first bookmakers already have corresponding betting odds on this on the screen. Those who believe that an eSportsperson or an eSport team will be nominated for the election of the sportsperson of the year 2022 can use a betting offer of 33:1. Those who even believe that the winner of the election will come from eSports can take home a betting profit of 800 euros for a stake of 10 euros.

eSports already recognized as an official sport in the UK

In the United Kingdom, eSports competitions are now recognized as an official sport, including by the British National Olympic Committee. With this step, the British have taken an important pioneering role for the entire eSports scene worldwide.

Mainstream headlines for eSports

Since 2019 at the latest, eSports have hit the headlines of the British mainstream press. It was primarily the Fortnite World Cup eSports that dominated the news in the media. Played at the time was for multi-million dollar prize money. The public spotlight was on Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman, who won the tournament as a 15-year-old and claimed a million dollars in winnings. Ashman was present in all renowned, British media. A minor superstar was born.

Teams and players with the best chances

Back to the sportsperson of the year 2022 election. A look at the current stars of the scene in the UK shows that several players have the potential to be nominated. Tommey Rated, Jukeyz and Fifakill have the best chances as individual players. All three pros are in the top 10 of the Call of Duty Warzone.

Two teams are also rich in chances. Call of Duty League team Toronto Ultra secured second place at last year’s championships. If the success continues or is even topped, the Toronto Ultras, featuring Brits Bance, Cammy and Insight, could be a hot candidate for team selection. Afro, Gismo, Nastie and Zer0, who play in the London Royal Ravens team, also have hopes of being nominated.

In Germany, eSports is still frowned upon

In Germany, meanwhile, eSports continues to be officially unrecognized. Bookmakers that have a German license have even had to remove eSports betting odds from their betting programs in this country.

However, the positive eSports trend can no longer be explained away in Germany. Not without reason, for example, several Bundesliga soccer teams now have their own eSports teams at the start.

Our forecast: A nomination yes, sportsperson or team of the year rather no

The eSports boom will continue in the coming years. The end of the line is still a long way off. However, we do not yet see an English sportsperson of the year 2022 from the eSports scene. The time is not yet ripe. From our point of view, however, it could be enough for a nomination. The UK has several successful eSports teams that have the potential to at least make more positive headlines.

Will eSports be an Olympic sport at some point?

Actually, the IOC had planned to hold some eSports competitions as part of the supporting program at the past Olympic Games. Due to the Corona pandemic, however, the plan was scrapped. The road to an Olympic discipline is certainly still long, but in perspective it is probably unstoppable.