Fokus Clan on the Wayside: Valorant team plays all opponents to the wall

Focus Clan has rocked the FIFA eGaming scene in recent years. The organization has signed several of the best FIFA players in the world. We are specifically thinking of Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous, Elias “EliasN97” Nerlich and Fabienne “FabienneXIII” Morlok at this point.

It is well known that eSports teams concentrate on one discipline in order to be among the world’s best. Only very few associations manage to bring several competitive formations in different e-game formats to the start. But this is exactly what the Fokus Clan has now managed to do, and in an impressive manner. The organization is marching from victory to victory in the Valorant League. What are the reasons for this success? We have the info.

Fokus Clan = Naughty Evil Owls

In January it was announced that the Focus Clan would take over the Naughty Evil Owls Valorant Team and play under its own flag. However, it is true that the merger was actually not a merger at all. The Naughty Evil Owls were created by the Fokus Clan, but kept as an external team in the first years. Dennis Andreas Nirtl, founder and CEO of the FOKUS Clan, explained about the somewhat unique constellation:

“Very few people know that the Naughty Evil Owls were already a creation of ours. We developed our current team completely by ourselves from day 1 and from the first player. At first, however, we didn’t have the team compete under the Fokus banner because we were still experimenting and testing some constellations before we then found the five players to represent Fokus in Valorant.”

The January launch was nonetheless somewhat smiled upon by many fans. At the time, the Naughty Evil Owls were only 191st in the world rankings and had just come off another losing streak.

The miraculous rise of the Fokus Valorant players

What happened afterwards, however, is almost unparalleled in the professional eSports scene. Under the Focus umbrella, the former Naughty Evil Owls only lost three more games. They have won the German championship and are now in 17th place in the worldwide ranking. The Fokus Valorant team has thus been promoted to the VCT, the strongest league in the world. In the coming weeks and months, matches against the top teams of the Valorant scene are scheduled.

Dennis Andreas Nirtl explains the success as follows:

“It is due to several factors that we are now undefeated for over 2 months, although we were the underdogs again and again. Certainly, it is first and foremost due to the unconditional will and the conviction that we can become the best. The right work ethic. Our community, which supports and drives us incredibly. And of course, it’s also because of some pretty good and, for many, surprising decisions, like the switch to three positions and the JUGi signing in the middle of the season.”

The Fokus Valorant Team

The organization’s Valorant team is coached by Dutchman Sjonnie “Johnny Lobster” Kreeft. The following players are under contract:

Jakub “JUGI” Hansen
Maximilian “bucher” Bucher
Ilari “iluri” Puranen
Lewis “YaBoiLewis” Hughes
Vong “vong” Nguyen
Jakub “Kuba” Dogan