FIFA 23: Top 5 defender for ultimate team

#FIFA23 is the latest iteration of the popular football simulation game developed by EA Sports. With its Ultimate Team game mode, players can build their dream squad by collecting player cards from around the world and creating their unique team. One of the most crucial aspects of creating a winning team is to have a solid defensive line. In this article, we will be discussing the top five best defenders for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Virgil van Dijk

Despite an injury-plagued season in real life, Virgil van Dijk remains the highest-rated defender in FIFA 23, with an overall rating of 91. The Liverpool center-back is a commanding presence on the field, with excellent defensive stats, including 97 for defending, 94 for physicality, and a competitive 88 for pace. He is also a threat in the air, with an impressive 95 rating for heading accuracy. Van Dijk’s physical attributes and aerial prowess make him an excellent option for any Ultimate Team.

Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane is a center-back who has made a name for himself as one of the best defenders in the world. In FIFA 23, Varane is a great option, with an overall rating of 89. He has a high defending rating of 91, making him a solid choice for any Ultimate Team. Additionally, Varane has decent pace, with an 80 rating, which allows him to keep up with quick attackers.

Eder Militao

Eder Militao is another excellent option for your Ultimate Team, with an overall rating of 86. He is incredibly fast, with an 85 rating for pace, and also has excellent defensive attributes. Militao’s combination of speed and defending ability makes him an ideal choice for any Ultimate Team looking to achieve the meta and improve team chemistry.

Fikayo Tomori

Fikayo Tomori is a young English defender who plays for AC Milan. He is an excellent all-around player with impressive pace, defensive attributes, and physicality. His 86 pace rating makes him one of the fastest defenders in the game, while his defending and physicality ratings of 80 and 81, respectively, make him a force to be reckoned with in the backline. Tomori’s combination of speed and strength is perfect for dealing with fast and physical strikers, making him a great addition to any Ultimate Team.

Jules Kounde

Jules Kounde is a young French center-back who has been impressing in La Liga with Sevilla. In FIFA 23, Kounde has an overall rating of 85, with an impressive 89 rating for defending. Kounde is also fast, with an 82 rating for pace, making him a well-rounded option for any Ultimate Team. His high defensive stats and solid physicality make him a great choice for players who prioritize defense in their Ultimate Team.

In conclusion, having a solid defensive line is crucial for any successful Ultimate Team in FIFA 23. The five defenders mentioned in this article are some of the best in the game and are sure to improve the quality of any Ultimate Team. Each of these defenders brings a unique set of skills and attributes to the table, so it is up to the player to decide which one best fits their playstyle.

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