FIFA 2022 TOTS Cup Has New Champions – Team Heretics

FIFA fans had lots of reasons to be joyful over last weekend (6th – 8th of May), as one of the biggest FIFA events of the year, the TOTS Cup 2022, has just ended.

After three days of competition, team HERETICS won the event and cemented their place among the best current squads in the game. The competition was extremely uncertain and exciting until the very end, giving us many nail-biting matches that will be talked about for a long time.

The biggest surprises of the tournament were the early exits of two teams that were considered to be favorites for the title – FUTWIZ and Levante UD. Predictions were saying those two would meet in the finals, but the teams sharing their group had different plans.

The Tournament Overview

The groups were quite balanced at the beginning of the competition, which made the group stage anything but boring. Team Heretics was mixed up with Team Neo, KRU Esports, and Timber Esports, making their group one of the toughest to predict. In case you are a fan of online esports betting, this event was a real treat.

What separated this tournament from some other esports competitions the fact that qualifying for the playoffs was not very hard – the top 3 teams from each group advanced further, leaving only the 4th team eliminated completely.

Even though finishing 3rd in the group meant getting the lower bracket positions, that didn’t mean much since we know that when the playoffs start, anything is possible, and what happened in the group stage – stays in the group stage.

The Heretics Championship Run

Despite the event being crowded with high-caliber teams, the Heretics made quite a statement at the very beginning of the tournament by taking 1st place in their group. No match was dull and decided way before the final whistle, as non-stop action was ongoing until the very end – Timber Esports gave huge resistance in their 3:2 loss, while KRU esports managed to take the game into overtime and lose after a penalty shoot-out.

When you have group stage matches ending in such a close fashion, it is reasonable to assume that the worst has been over. However, the Heretics faced even more challenges in the playoffs, going against a very unpleasant opponent in Team Case Esports, who were able to take them into deep waters and force them to a nail-biting ending, where ultimately the Heretics won by 3:2. Their next two playoff match-ups against DUX Gaming and Team Fnatic would also end with the same result, proving how difficult of a journey it was for them, and how much effort they had to put in to get the silver lining.

Looking at their playoff run, you would probably think they also had to struggle in the Grand Finals, but you’d be wrong, as they walked over Team Dire Wolves by 4:1 to capture the title they so desperately wanted. After all, they have been through, nobody can deny that they have earned it the right way.

The Conclusion

No matter which team you supported, FIFA TOTS Cup 2022 was a delight to watch. Now that both Dire Wolves and Team Heretics have earned their spot in the 2022 – FIFA World Cup, it will be interesting to see how well they prepare for it and if they’ll be able to keep the same form against the future opponents.