Evil Geniuses beat 100Thieves in LCS 2022 finals

Evil Geniuses claim their first LCS crown after dismantling the defending champions – 100Thieves – in the 2022 Spring Split finals.

New League of Legends champs have been crowned in North America. Evil Geniuses have earned their first LCS title today by beating the previous LCS winners 100 Thieves in the 2022 LCS Spring Finals — complete with a banner to be displayed in the LCS Studio.

After starting the Spring Playoffs in the low tier bracket, EG pulled off a miraculous comeback versus some of the most elite squads in LCS history, winning the organization’s first LCS title. The EG squad prevented 100T from gaining even the tiniest advantage by once again acknowledging their strengths, ensuring EG a position as the LCS delegates at MSI.

Following their dominating triumph over past multi-time winners Team Liquid yesterday, EG rushed into the LCS Spring Finals with the entire globe cheering them on. To win the trophy, they’ll have to beat out the reigning champions, 100 Thieves, who went undefeated in the playoffs after finishing third in the regular season.

Evil Geniuses vs 100Thieves – The match rewind

100T took Jinx out of game two entirely in the hopes of preventing Danny from continuing to play with the champion. Unfortunately for the defending champions, their fixation on Danny diverted their focus away from the other players of EG who were waiting to pounce at any moment.

Impact, as Mordekaiser, kept Huhi out of combat, allowing Inspired to leap into the surviving 100T players and set them a trap with a Jarvan IV ulti. After 25 minutes, 100T had only two kills on the EG team, losing all of their turrets and Nexus to a squad who had never advanced to the playoffs finals before.

The 100T’s comeback from a 2-0 deficit began in the third round of the series with an energetic early game. The defending champs had a slight lead over EG in gold and kills thanks to team fights in the bot lane, but over-enthusiasm at the 1st Rift Herald—completed with a steal from “Inspired”—put them in a bad place.

Danny’s briliant performance

EG’s youthful ADC receives a round of applause. Danny’s voice resonated throughout NRG Stadium prior, during, and afterwards each match, admitting how ecstatic fans were to see yet another award added to Danny’s already impressive resume. From the initial minutes of the match, these chants seemed to sit well with Danny, ensuring his place as a win precondition EG could keep relying on.

After a last teamfight at the Baron, 100T had no choice but to put everything they had against EG as a last option. Despite the fact that Abbedagge was an excellent pusher for 100T, the overwhelming burst damage shared by Jojopyun and Danny was unmatched to any damage they could counter with—almost giving Danny one more pentakill in the meantime.

With the exception of a defeat to FlyQuest at the outset of the playoffs, Evil Geniuses have rolled through every opponent in their low bracket run. Jojopyun, who is 17 years old and in his rookie split, is the LCS’s youngest player to ever carry the trophy. Danny, who is 18 years old, is following in the footsteps of his mid lane buddy in drawing the attention of League fans all over the world and setting the bar for future NA talent.

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