Valve Trying To Improve Dota 2 Playing Experience – Updates, News, and More

Valve has recognized community criticism over the 2022 Dota 2 battle pass, which is a development few fans expected—but not in a way that will placate those who have problems with the actual product.

The community’s concerns concerning battle pass progress and how players believe it does not correspond to the number of matches they are playing, according to Valve, have been heard.

Vale has stated that it will make improvements in addition to listening.

After receiving complaints from fans, Valve reviewed data from the combat pass that ran prior to The International 10 to that from the 2022 battle pass and discovered notable differences between the two in terms of progress earned.

Battle Pass – What is new?

Although the number of points that players may possibly gain through the two Battle Passes is comparable, Valve determined that the 2022 Battle Pass’s median quantity of points earned was less. A more casual player is likely to have less points than before, but a hard-core player will still have a similar number of points.

Valve is modifying the combat pass in a number of ways based on that information to make participation “feel gratifying for all players.”

To make things more approachable for casual gamers, Weekly Quests have been revised for week two to offer the following various incentives.

  • The game will now provide 1000/1000/1000 Battle Points at 2/8/15 stars for non-bonus weeks in place of 500/1000/1500 Battle Points at 4/9/15 stars.
  • The first Bonus Week Battle Chest is now offered at 2 stars as opposed to 3 stars for Bonus weeks.

Due to an issue with the service centered around item suggestions, Valve is also providing a free week of Dota Plus to every player who has participated in a match since the battle pass’s release on September 1.

The Conclusion

The fact that so much of the material is marked as “coming soon” and that the window for paying to enter the competitive scene with purchases is so short are just a couple of the more general issues the community has had about the battle pass since it was introduced.

For all Dota 2 gamers, although this is a good change, it doesn’t really do much to solve other issues. It will be interesting to see if Valve can respond to the players’ requests in a proper way and prove to still be the gaming giant they once were.

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