The Latest Addition To Dota 2’s – The International Team Soniqs

The 2022 Dota Pro Circuit season has brought forth many changes to North America, yet Quincy Crew still attends The International, albeit this time with an official sponsor.

This former QC squad competed as Soniqs and finished the NA regional qualifier with a 9-2 record. They defeated Nouns 3-0 in the rematch of the upper bracket finals to secure one of the remaining spots at TI11 in October.

The Short Qualifiers Recap

As expected by the majority of fans, Soniqs, nouns, and Wildcard Gaming dominated their respective brackets before facing off against one another to determine the winner of the whole NA tournament.

In a dramatic series where Gunnar and his group were able to take the lead and end the games both times in the final 10 minutes, Nouns was able to defeat Soniqs 2-0.

In the championship match, Soniqs won a close first game before thrashing nouns in the next two games to win their retribution series.

After flaming out in 17th place at the PGL Arlington Major, this was a significant reversal for the squad, securing their place at TI for an additional year.

In addition, Soniqs’ most recent roster change revealed that YawaR, Quinn, and the returning LESLO and MSS were all on the QC squad that placed ninth at TI10.

For the first time since TI9, when he was with NiP, Fata will be going back to TI.

What this means for the Soniqs?

In particular, YawaR, Quinn, and MSS will be competing in this TI for the third time in a row with the same sponsor after competing as Newbee in TI9 and on their own as QC in TI10. MSS actually played TI7 with Cloud9 and TI8 with VGJ.Storm, making this his fifth straight tournament.

With both teams winning a berth in the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier, nouns and Wildcard aren’t quite finished with the season yet either.

This means that beginning on October 8, they will fly to Singapore to battle for the final two berths against the second- and third-place rosters from each region’s qualifiers.

The Conclusion

As more teams qualify for the Dota 2’s International, the level of competition is increasing as the amount of new and old talent will be insane in this one. Soniqs may not be the direct favorites for winning the championship, but so far we have learned that anything can happen, and that esports have a unique way of surprising us.

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