Team Secret is one victory away from continuing a legendary Dota 2 streak at TI11 as T1 fizzles out

Despite T1 gaining momentum as the competition dragged on, Team Secret appeared to be operating like a well-oiled machine as they eliminated the last SEA representative in under an hour. And it wasn’t even the beginning of the end for T1, as one of the fan favorites going into the competition would shortly be doubly eliminated.

Vici Gaming’s 2-1 triumph over T1’s TI10 Last Chance Qualifier in one of the biggest surprises of the competition fell well short of securing a TI ticket.

The Quick Recap

Even though the series was close, T1’s early elimination by a VG squad that many thought had an inferior lineup in the LCQ is likely to rank among the year’s worst disappointments. This LCQ run was what the entire season depended on after just making the cut for one LAN tournament throughout the entire 2022 Dota Pro Circuit until bringing in OG legends ana and Topson in August.

With the 2-0 victory, Secret not only moved closer to securing a spot at The International 2022, but they also moved closer to extending one of the longest streaks in Dota 2 history, which would ultimately spell the end for T1.

After the CIS team defeated Team Liquid, Puppey and his group will be guaranteed a spot at TI11 if they can defeat If they succeed, Puppey will continue to be the only player in Dota history to have participated in each and every TI since the first competition, which he won with NAVI in 2011.

After entering the LCQ as an underdog from their own region, VG had to mount a significant comeback in game two against T1 to remain in the match. They then continued that momentum into a 2-1 victory, putting them two series away from their own TI invitation. Yang “poyoyo” Shaohan will be the sole member of the VG’s TI10 lineup to return to the largest stage with the organization should they make the cut.

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