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Talon Esports Open Their Debut Season By Entering Dota 2’s The International

The International 2022 qualifiers in Southeast Asia were affected by several adjustments and peculiar events, but Talon Esports will finally make its TI debut in the organization’s inaugural season as they rallied for a 3-2 victory over Polaris Esports.

Last November, Talon made its debut in Dota 2. Despite the necessity to alter its roster to offer for some flexibility after its initial lineup underperformed, the squad is currently preparing to travel to Singapore.

The Road So Far

Despite not dropping a game up until that decisive series versus Polaris, Talon had a difficult time in the preliminaries. Talon had not have a game that finished within the 40-minute mark prior to the grand finals, therefore every team from T1 through Lilgun and Polaris (the first time around) caused them problems.

Talon’s ability to withstand some of those games and come back in the dying seconds is a credit to their strength and basics. It seems that Talon’s backline was more than capable of stabilizing themselves in tense situations until 23savage was able to enter and settle matters, particularly against T1, where they had to repel both ana and Topson.

T1 entered the qualification as the favourites and took in the former OG powerhouse frontline duo of ana and Topson before the tournament even started. However, their journey came to an abrupt stop at third after they lost two straight series to Talon and Polaris.

That will still be sufficient to get them into the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier, where T1 and Polaris will battle for the two remaining seats on the main stage against the teams that placed second and third in other regions. Even though Talon’s most seasoned player kpii said that Polaris was probably their stronger opponent, he emphasized that T1 is who he and everyone else will want to see advance through qualifiers.

Before The International officially begins, the TI11 LCQ, which will feature 12 teams competing for the final two spots, will run from October 8 to 12. In a group of talent that includes Team Liquid, Team Secret, Outsiders, and Xtreme Gaming, T1 probably enters as a top six roster. However, fans will have to wait and watch who comes out on top for their final chance at TI.

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