Dota 2’s International – Tundra Esports Demolishes Team OG, While Liquid Gets Surprised by Team Aster

The International 2022 has seen a very varied performance from China, but Team Aster is carrying the region’s flag forward after patiently destroying Team Liquid in a 2-0 sweep. Meanwhile, Tundra Esports took down OG with the exactly same score in an absolutely dominating style.

Let’s see how the matches went down and analyze some of the highlights.

Tundra Esports vs OG

When Tundra Esports won Group B’s top seed, they had a choice as to who they would play in the playoffs. They chose OG and then destroyed him in a 2-0 sweep after being sure they knew the matchup.

After bringing in Saksa throughout the regular season, Tundra and OG had been very evenly matched. But Sneyking has lauded his team for having the best bootcamp of any team ever as they prepare for TI11, and it is evident in the way they are performing.

The first game against OG, which ended in only 24 minutes and was the second-shortest game of the playoffs so far, demonstrated how dangerous their execution in the early stages of games can be.

OG rallied around ATF’s Timbersaw and bzm’s Primal Beast in game two, which was much closer, but skiter alone proved to be too much in both games. OG’s draft may have seemed like a pipe dream, but Tundra kept their time and awaited the ideal moment to deliver the fatal blow.

As a result of placing their bet on themselves, Tundra is now certain of placing in the top six at TI11 and is just one series away from reaching the finals weekend in Singapore.

Team Liquid vs Aster

Despite continuing worries that commentary favors English-speaking teams, Aster appeared collected and poised to dominate their enemies.

With the pressure Aster was able to maintain throughout both games because to some fantastic drafting, giving up any ground felt like it was a death sentence for any of the European team’s core heroes. Liquid are always just one massive push away from climbing back into a game.

In game one, the pressure was extremely tough to handle; Money’s Sniper nearly dealt more damage than both of Liquid’s frontlines put together, accruing a 15-1-11 KDA as a result. That, combined with Ori’s exceptional Leshrac play, Siamese’s use of the support Sven to deflect damage, and Xxs’s ability to roll in on Pangolier, simply presented Liquid with too many difficulties unless their timing was impeccable.

In game two, timing was slightly less important for Liquid, but after falling behind, Aster played a very slow mid-game, forcing the EU team to play into lanes rather than rush into anything—waiting behind Monet’s Terroblade until it was time to attack fearlessly.

It gradually seems as though Aster is now this TI’s quiet assassin. sneaking into the playoffs undetected while the talented Western Europeans and Evil Geniuses’ impressive early play grabbed the limelight. However, the DPC version of Brigging’s Legion has arrived at the throne now when the lights are the brightest.

Aster is the last team in the upper bracket to advance with this victory, securing a top-six spot and a matchup with Tundra Esports in the following round. In the lower bracket, Liquid will compete against Entity for its life.

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