Dota 2’s International 2022 LCQ – T1 Makes a Comeback After a Slow Start

The T1 team had a difficult first day at the Last Chance Qualifiers. T1 let down the fans with a sluggish start after they arrived for the LCQ with high expectations.

Despite having a tougher match on day two, T1 could be able to pick up some much-needed victories to guarantee an upper-bracket position.

The Quick Recap

The first series of the day pitted T1 versus Virtus Pro. T1 got the game off to a strong start, maintaining its lead for almost 30 minutes. Due to a lack of crowd-controlling and stunning skills in their lineup, the team was struggling to win the game.

With Nature’s Prophet, Primal Beast, Disruptor, and Slark at their disposal, T1 found it tough to contain VP’s Ember Spirit and Morphling, but the team was able to end the match at the 50-minute mark. The second match was also pretty tight, but after 30 minutes, T1 lost control and kept getting picked up by VP, which ultimately resulted in a loss.

T1 faced off against Xtreme Gaming in the second set of the day. This group is seen as one of the favorites to go to TI11. Although XG was a different kind of beast than T1, which T1 shockingly knew how to cope with, T1 had just displayed its teeth in the VP match.

With a score of 50 to 17 in the opening game, the SEA representative easily defeated XG. T1 held the lead the entire game, which lasted 59 minutes. The same scenario held true for the second game, in which T1 could easily overcome XG thanks to Topson and Ana’s faultless play.

T1 looked to gain enough confidence from XG to continue. Many supporters anticipated that the team would defeat Wildcard Gaming once more. T1’s plans for the first match, however, were foiled when WG completely dominated the game thanks to Alone and Yamsun’s outstanding work against Shadow Fiend and Morphling. T1 recovered in the second game, tied WG on points, and beat Na’Vi to guarantee its place in the upper bracket of the playoffs.

What’s Next?

While NA competitors WG and nouns had to settle for lower bracket positions, the two still pulled off surprises on day two. Vici Gaming was defeated by Nouns in two arduous games, and as a result, VG forfeited the top seed in Group A to Na’Vi.

On the other hand, because WG pulled a match from T1, the SEA team had to play the fourth seed rather than the third.

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