Dota 2 – Virtus Pro Starts Fresh, Miracle Out For The Season

Teams from around the world are preparing to finalize their squads as the roster lock deadline for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit approaches. Despite appearing as though Nigma Galaxy was going to remain a unit, Miracle’s departure validated recent speculations that fans had hoped weren’t true.

Meanwhile, reports are stating that Virtus Pro was considering disbanding its Dota 2 roster after failing to qualify for The International 2022 appeared due to poor performance and a lack of a positive team environment. And today, VP welcomed a new Dota 2 lineup to the organization while its previous players continued to hunt for new homes in preparation for the 2023 DPC season, confirming the reports.

Miracle’s Health Situation

Miracle has opted to take a hiatus for the upcoming DPC season owing to health concerns, according to a recent announcement from Nigma. The flag raised in Miracle’s honor emphasizes the fact that he is taking a break and intends to return either at the end of this season or at some point in it.

Miracle’s decision was not his first due to a health issue. Miracle was unable to compete at ESL One Malaysia in August 2022, and the seasoned core player also missed another game in 2021. Despite the fact that neither Miracle nor Nigma provided any information regarding Miracle’s condition, it appears that the player may require some quality rest in order to recover fully.

While he is on a leave, Nigma will need to fill one seat in its Dota 2 team, and supporters anticipate that ATF, OG’s former offlaner, would fill the vacancy. ATF has been practicing numerous position-one heroes in his rated Dota 2 matches ever since departing OG’s ranks.

While ImmortalFaith joined the squad as a new coach, Nigma will be searching for a successor for position 1. Finding a new carry player that shares Nigma’s perspective on the game can make all the difference when they return to division one of Western European DPC after relegation. A new coach can significantly alter how a team plays Dota 2.

Virtus Pro Starting Over

Only #gpk and #DM were left in the starting lineup after #RAMZES666, #yamich, and #Xakoda were removed from the picture; however, following today’s news, the two were transferred to the inactive roster. The 2023 VP roster features an unproven group of players in comparison to the group’s previous iterations: Kamil #Koma Biktimirov, Ilya #squad1x Kuvaldin, Evgeniy #Noticed Ignatenko, Oleg #sayuw Kalenbet, and Andrey #Dukalis Kuropatkin.

Even though there are many questions about the new VP members, several of them had strong seasons in 2022. Noticed recently finished a pretty fruitful run with BetBoom Team, where he competed in TI11 and finished last. In contrast, Dukalis is returning to the Eastern European DPC after experiencing WEU qualifiers with Alliance.

The new lineup of VP will work hard to establish themselves in order to qualify for the Major events throughout the year, especially in light of VP’s high standards and the degree of internal competition within the EEU DPC. Starting over can help the company reclaim its former glory provided the team has strong chemistry. As one of the most powerful organizations in the area, a decrease in previous years and missing TI11 were unacceptable for VP.

With only a few days left before the roster lock date, the futures of the former VP members are still being decided. There have been no confirmations of the rumors that DM would join OG as the team’s offlaner. If a team isn’t found in time, the ex-VP players might have to skip the first DPC tour.

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