Dota 2 The International 2022 gets one more team – BetBoom

Here comes the boom! And no, we are not talking about the famous movie – the Dota 2 squad called BetBoom have quallified for the International 2022 tournament, and made a statement while doing so.

While each of the six regions had its favorites going into the regional qualifiers for The International 2022, Eastern Europe was probably the most competitive of the six, with BetBoom Team once again proving they are not to be taken lightly when competing against teams like Natus Vincere and’s Outsiders roster.

Despite the fact that NAVI forced BetBoom to fall to the lower bracket before they could move up to the top three, SoNNeikO and his team came back in the following round to completely defeat two of the top teams in the area and win an invitation to TI11.

The Journey So Far

After losing to NAVI in the upper bracket semifinals, BetBoom struggled a bit against Nemiga Gaming, one of the favorites in the lower bracket, which was not much of a surprise considering their styles of playing were completely different, but after disposing of the Belarusian team they breezed through the remainder of their matches.

What came after was a true testament to their skills, which is exactly why they earned so much buzz around them lately. BetBoom didn’t lose a single game in the next three series, and only two games lasted more than 32 minutes.

One Move was the first team to go, and BetBoom double-eliminated them before going on and dispatching NAVI with a quick 2-0 revenge victory. The underdogs put up more of a fight, but BetBoom won the series 3-0 to secure a place in the group stage of TI11.

SoNNeikO and the former Winstrike squad have had a string of victories, and they now have their sights set on making a splash as underdogs on Dota 2’s greatest stage.

The Conclusion

Outsiders and NAVI will still travel to Singapore to compete in the TI11 Last Chance Qualifier on behalf of the remaining EEU teams. From October 8 to 12, the second- and third-place teams from each region’s individual qualifiers will come together to play once again for the remaining two seats at TI.

Judging by what we have seen so far, there are a lot of great matchups waiting ahead, and plenty of reasons to be happy for all Dota 2 fans.

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