Dota 2 – Polaris & BOOM Esports Preparing To Make Asia Proud

One of the largest #Dota2 player bases is found in Southeast Asia, where pro players as young as sixteen years old make their season debuts. However, to put it mildly, the SEA representation at the International 11 (#TI11) has been disappointing.

To make a short recap, #BOOMEsports came in at number twelve, and #Fnatic came in at number sixteen. The up-and-coming SEA squad at TI11, Talon Esports, didn't even go past the group stage! It goes without saying that the SEA teams weren't the main attraction at TI11, which is disappointing given that team T1 finished seventh and earned $1 million at TI10.

Who will be Asia’s #1?

The SEA teams take a lengthy break between TI11 and the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023) season to assess their rosters, as do teams from many other countries. New famous debutante teams are also starting to emerge, such Geek Fam and Blacklist International.

Fans were especially interested in BOOM Esports and Polaris Esports because they were regulars throughout the previous DPC season. Our best guesses for a strong SEA competitor entering the first DPC Major are BOOM and Polaris because T1 is thought to be fielding a non-SEA team.

The hard carry player and dual support players on BOOM Esports roster have been replaced as part of a significant roster overhaul. Former residents of Polaris and T1, respectively, were John #Natsumi Vargas and Kenny #Xepher Deo. In contrast, BOOM has Yap #xNova Jian Wei, a very special newcomer who will spice up the SEA competition.

For those who are unfamiliar, xNova is the former support player for PSG.LGD who competed in the TI8 Grand Finals. Having him in BOOM is undoubtedly a major deal because he is undoubtedly one of the most successful players in SEA in terms of net worth.

Polaris Getting Upgraded

In contrast, Polaris completely overhauled its lineup with the exception of Mc #Mac Villanueva, formerly known as Lelouch-. This year, Polaris chooses to collaborate with elite athletes from several teams, like Neon Esports and TNC Predator.

And given how poorly the two teams performed throughout the previous DPC season, that is already bad news. John #Jing Duyan is with Neon Esports, while Jun #Bok Kanehara and Bryle #mavis Alvizo are from TNC Predator.

Eljohn #Akashi Canonigo Andales, who has no prior professional experience, is the only person in this group of randoms who might be able to save them. However, they will make their DPC debut in Division 2 in 2023, giving them plenty of time to prepare.

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