Dota 2 Patch 7.32c – Who got the best out of it, and who lost the mojo?

Less than a month remains until Dota 2’s The International 2022, and Valve is still making adjustments to the tournament patch. Heroes that had been dominating the meta in previous months received nerfs in the newly released patch 7.32c.

Valve strives to create the best patch possible each year to ensure variety during TI. Not every issue can be solved by buffing the weak heroes; some will need to be nerfed in order to be competitive with other heroes on an equal footing.

Similar to other patches, 7.32c was harsh on some heroes while letting others off with a warning.

The Dota 2 patch 7.32c’s major winners are listed below.


Slardar received few significant boosts in patch 7.32c, and it’s possible that they went overlooked at first glance. Slardar’s early game has been lacking for a while, and it took him some time before he developed into a stun-locking powerhouse.

Slardar will be able to travel around the battlefield more quickly thanks to the movement speed buff to Guardian Sprint, and the stun duration buff to Bash of the Deep may provide him the edge he needs in early-game team fights because it will allow him to max out his other spells quicker.

Bounty Hunter

In the most recent patches, Bounty Hunter has benefited from improvements that went unnoticed. Bounty Hunter evolved into an early-game beast thanks to enhanced armor and damage.

Bounty Hunter now has an additional three basic damage thanks to patch 7.32c. Despite the adjustment appearing to be modest, Bounty Hunter’s followers will feel the heat. Bounty Hunter can rack up early kills to provide his team an advantage if teamed with a powerful laner who has mobility-reducing abilities.

Like in every patch, there are some champions that did not get lucky. Down below are some of them.


In 7.32, Viper just can’t seem to catch a break. The hero received significant nerfs when the gameplay patch first began, and they are still coming at him hard.

Viper’s Poison Attack has been nerfed and now slows down at early levels for a lot less time. This lessens the hero’s ability to kill opponents during the laning phase, which has been one of the key elements of his meta-dominance.

Faceless Void

Recently, Faceless Void has dominated the meta. It has proven challenging to play against the Faceless One, especially in the latter stages of games. Playing around Faceless Void’s triple ultimate combination was nearly impossible after he selected a Refresher Orb and a Refresher Shard, however that is no longer the case thanks to patch 7.32c.

The cooldowns for Refresher Orb and Refresher Shard have been combined, and they no longer start ticking when the items are put in the bag.

Time Walk, Time Dilation, and Faceless Void’s skills have underwent adjustments, which will make it more difficult for him to succeed mid-game.

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