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Dota 2 – Patch 6.87 : NEW ITEM – Tome of Knowledge

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Tome of Knowledge has its own model

On the night of October 3 to 4, Valve released another patch for Dota 2 that fixes some bugs. It also introduced a model for the Tome of Knowledge item, which grants experience to players who use it.

List of changes


  • Tome of Knowledge has an in game model
  • Fixed the correction of the dampening movement when attacking or using skills, which sometimes increased the effective distance.
  • Now the bug with attack termination from the side of the tower has been removed.
  • Fixed AoE skills not displaying the area of effect correctly in the preview.
  • Also fixed the issue with the skill range preview in the presence of perks to increase this same skill usage range.
  • Necrophos can now see the range of Death Pulse, and Puck has a range of Waning Rift.
  • Fixed a bug where Primal Beast’s bonus damage reduction was incorrect when using Rampage effects.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect recharge of Refresher Orb and Refresher Shard, which were in the player’s backpack.
  • Fixed the damage reduction of Meepo’s Aghanim’s Shard.
  • Previously, if players held down the Alt key below the hero icon, the Boots of Travel cooldown screen could disappear. This bug has been fixed and the teleportation indicator in the interface has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where players could use skills while stunned.


  • Fixed telekinesis interactions with allies in free skill mode.
  • The Telekinesis skill landing point graphic now always appears. Previously, there was a bug that sometimes removed the point.
  • Some stolen skills were not displayed correctly when interacting with illusions. Bugs have been fixed.
  • Decay and Flesh Golem skills stolen from Undying now work correctly.
  • The same fixes were made to Queen of Pain and her Shadow Strike ability, as well as Enigma and Malefice, which was updated with Aghanim’s Shard.
  • Arcane Supremacy’s rank indicator now works correctly.
  • The +40% talent bonus +40% damage for stolen skills in the tooltip when pressing the Alt button may not have been displayed correctly before. The bug has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where, after stealing Elder Titan’s astral spirit, the latter would grant Rubick a permanent armor reduction bonus for opponents.

23 Replies to “Dota 2 – Patch 6.87 : NEW ITEM – Tome of Knowledge”

no entienden que este ítem esta muy op para el mid laner sale lvl 2 min 0 eso afecta mucho al mid contrario si no compra el mismo ítem por ejemplo un ember lvl 2 fácilmente mata al sf y peor si coje runa gold lvl 3 y el sf apenas lashiteando para su lvl 2

Dejen de quejarse peruanos del orto, lo mismo dicen en todos los parches digame cuando lo del scepter con Lion y combinarlo con Magnus decian agg gg tmre ya fue no ay palomas el Lion sera op gg volvo me boy de doto
Pero resulto ser algo normal que puede ser contrarrestado y nadie pickea magnus + lion
Si Icefrog – Sama el Dios del Dota aprobo estos cambios es porque están perfectos, balanceados y correctos.
Peruanos y demas noobs que creen que saben mas de Dota que Icefrog – Sama

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