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Dota 2 – Patch 6.87 : NEW ITEM – Bloodthorn

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Patch 6.87 is here! Check the main changes in the summary

Patch 6.87 arrived today, and only hours later it was already in the main client to be updated. So, before playing Ranked All Pick or Captains Mode games, there are some (many) things you should know before playing this new patch, which has made changes at all levels: Heroes, new items, changes in the old ones, game terrain and map, etc.

General Changes

  • The Ranked All Pick competitive mode will have the option to ban heroes by individual votes.
  • Before the pick phase, each player has 15 seconds to choose a hero to be banned,
  • No two players may choose the same hero to be banned.
  • As the bans are chosen, they will be shown to both teams, but not who is the person banning the heroes.
  • From the 10 heroes chosen in both teams, half of them (5 heroes) will be banned randomly. A maximum of 3 heroes will be chosen from each team to be banned, to try to keep the amount of bans balanced for each team.
  • Each team will have the Scan ability, available on the minimap interface.
  • This ability allows the whole team to scan an area of 900 AOE for 8 seconds, where it indicates if enemy heroes are found in that area.
  • It starts at CD (Cooldown), and like the Glyph of Fortification, it is a global skill in the team (one person uses it for all 5) and has a cooldown time of 4 minutes and a half.
  • Your intelligence stats now increase the damage of your skills by 1% for every 16 intelligence points (e.g. 80 intelligence points gives you 5% additional damage, 100 a little over 6% and so on).
  • The HP of line creeps increases from 10 to 12 (and every 7.5 minutes).
  • Towers have reduced their True Sight (the area where invisible units are detected) from 900 to 700, the same attack range of the tower (you can click on the tower so you can visualize the range).

New Items


  • Orchid of Malevolence (4075) + Crystalys (2120) + Recipe(1000) = 7195 Gold.
  • Grants: +25 Intelligence, +30 Attack Speed, +60 Damage and +150% Mana Regeneration.
  • Maintains the same mechanics of the Orchid (5 seconds of silence), with an addition: all attacks that the silenced target receives, even from allies, gain True Strike (the ability to not miss any attack, like the Monkey King Bar) and the chance of a critical hit x 1.35.
  • The cooldown is 11 seconds (the Orchid has 18), and keeps the passive effect of the Crystalys: 20% chance to attack with 175% critical damage.

Echo Sabre:

  • Oblivion Staff (1650) + Ogre Club (1000) = 2650 Gold
  • Grants: +10 Strength, +10 Intelligence, +10 Attack Speed + 15 Damage and +75% Mana Regeneration.
  • Passive Effect: Allows melee attacks to occur twice in quick succession. This double attack applies a 100% MS(Movement Speed) and AS(Attack Speed) reduction (just like the effect of the Sniper’s Headshot or the Centaur’s Stampede) for 0.6 seconds.
  • It has a cooldown of 5 seconds and the passive only applies to MELEE heroes.

Blight Stone:

  • Cost: 300 Gold
  • Passive Effect: Provides a 2 armor reduction on attack.
  • Available at the Side Shop.
  • This item will be needed to build the Desolator and the Medallion of Courage.

Infused Raindrops:

  • Cost: 225 Gold
  • +0.85 Mana Regeneration.
  • Passive Effect: Comes with 5 charges, the item is destroyed when the charges run out. When you receive more than 50 magic damage it activates, consuming a charge and blocking 120 magic damage. This activation has a cooldown of 4 seconds.
  • It allows to be purchased from minute 3 (just like the Flying Courier).

Wind Lace:

  • Cost: 225 Gold
  • Gives +20 Movement Speed
  • Available at the Side Shop.
  • This item will be necessary to build Drums of Endurance and Eul Scepter of Divinity.
  • It does not stacketize (the effects do not accumulate with the purchase of more than one).

Tome of Knowledge:

  • Cost: 150 Gold
  • When used, it gives you 425 xp (experience points).
  • You are only allowed to use it one every 10 minutes.

Hurricane Pike:

  • Force Staff (2225) + Dragon Lance (1900) + Prescription (250) = 4375 Gold
  • Grants: +20 Agility, +15 Strength, +10 Intelligence, + 4 HP Regeneration and + 130 Attack Range (applies only to ranged heroes, does not stack).
  • Active Effect: When used on an enemy, pushes both of them.
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds.
  • Cast Range: 400 when used on enemies, 800 when used on self and allies.

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