Dota 2 – OG Possibly Returns In 2023

Teams compete to assemble the strongest lineup they can during #Dota 2’s roster shuffle season.

There are always choices, including players coming out of retirement, the free agency market, and buyouts. In a recent stream, #Taiga said there was a “high likelihood” that fans would see the #OGTeam members return for the #DPC2023 season.

Their Journey So Far

In late 2021, the OG roster—two-time TI champions—withdrew from the competition. While some referred to it as a retirement, it also appeared to be more of a break when Topson and Ana returned to take part in TI11.

The creator of OG and captain of its previous squad, n0tail, stated in an interview with esports media that he was still “enticing the thought of performing an old but gold run at some time.”

Despite the fact that n0tail also stated that he didn’t feel as though the Dota gods were calling him at the time, he or other cast members might have since heard the summons.

Cards Still Being Shufled

Only three members remain hidden, with JerAx actively tutoring and Topson considering returning to Europe to pursue a third Aegis.

It would be interesting to see how the previous kings of Dota, if they desire to do so, will complete their return given that Ceb has been filling in and actively participating in the development of the new OG team.

Since OG is now undergoing a roster change as well, it is also possible that a few original team members may team up with the young players in an effort to help them rise to the top of the scene.

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