Dota 2 – KuroKy Postphones Retirement, Stays with Nigma

Nigma Galaxy played in the second division of the Western European DPC during the most recent Dota Pro Circuit Season, out of the spotlight. The squad’s future has remained rather hazy after returning to the first division, but that haze has begun to clear when the team declared #KuroKy will continue in charge.

KuroKy’s retirement rumors first surfaced following The International 2022 since the team had been quiet for a spell. The remainder of Nigma’s Dota 2 lineup hasn’t been formally announced, although the company has made hints that most of the team might remain intact for the 2023 DPC season.

What is KuroKy’s Status?

KuroKy is the sole Nigma player who has been confirmed as of this writing for the upcoming season. But Nigma has been publishing material that may be interpreted as four other members’ verification.

Early in November, GH was discussed in a YouTube video where he addressed the rumors regarding the Nigma lineup. Four-position player: “Everything was OK with the team,” he stated.

SumaiL and Miracle- were pictured shaking hands in another Nigma social media image, confirming four team members in various ways but leaving Mind Control in the shadows. Since the start of the roster switch season, Nigma’s offlaner has been absent.

The Changes Ahead of 2023

The only position on the team’s official roster that has changed is the Coach role, where ImmortalFaith, formerly of the Gaimin Gladiators, took over for rmN. A coach with recent TI experience is likely to become one of Nigma’s strongest strengths in the upcoming season given their absence from the highest level of competition.

A change of coach could be a key change to gain momentum, given that some of the previous changes in the roster did not produce significant results.

However, in addition to the coach, it will be important to match some other elements, like a redemption-seeking veteran. KuryKo will certainly have more than enough ambition to show that he still belongs among the best competitors in the world, and silence the negative criticism that predicted his retirement.

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